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Do you want to step into your true beYOUtiful self so you can heal and in turn shine your light to help others?

Stop forcing yourself to be someone and something you're NOT. Stop relying on outside forces for answers only YOU can uncover.


 Instead, learn how to become powerfully self aware...

Devote yourself to your wellBEing...

Live on purpose and in aligned action from a place of love, not fear.

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Welcome to >>>

A transformational 1:1 coaching container for women who are ready to show up as their authentic selves to so they can finally live on purpose.


Here's a bold question for you...

What if your energy was in fact off?
What if you could stop relying on everything outside of YOU and instead, learn about your unique energy, slow down and heal to step into your truth and take aligned "feel good" action so that living on purpose comes with ease, fun, creativity and freedom?

Sounds too good to be true?

Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how!

I'll be honest with you:
Getting to this point wasn't easy

When I started out my purpose work, I chose teaching. I was spending so much energy doing things to BE like everyone else and following everyone else's tried and true ways (in wellness, purpose and life).
I did all the things and followed all the rules, went above and beyond, worked my tush off...and it felt like it meant nothing.
I was the low man on the todem pole and got laid off.

Following all the rules. Getting good grades. Getting a Masters degree and then getting a teaching position...led me here?? The rules and hustling wasn't the way...

So I got certified as a Holistic Health Coach and started my own business. I worked with several MLMs which I still love and use, but I found myself following the rules set out by "them". It led me to massive burnout, physical ailments, tons of surgeries and bandaids to fix the problem.  It also led me to think I needed more courses, more training, more knowledge....

It led me to having to stop it all and  one of my darkest times....


The best thing?

My energy is so much better!!! I am not giving away my power to everyone around me. I've created boundaries and freedom...

(I make the rules and discern what's best for me and how I can best serve)

Shining my light and living as my authentic self helps me heal myself and now others...and I am not burnt out, bitter and exhausted anymore!

I lead, my kids see me doing the work, I get to help them and others heal too!

So Kell, how does this work? What do we actually do?



Your Future Self by Design

What we'll do together:

Part 1: Fun and transformational Human Design Readings over a series of weeks that you fully understand your unique blueprint

Part 2: CoCreation of Your Future Self by Design (YFS) ...without going too fast and actually taking the needed time to pull out what matters from your HD bodygraph and so that you don't miss the blindspots that I can see in you. Lastly so that you don't quit.

Part 3: Put it all together into a digestible format that YOU will actually use, come back to and grow with all the time as your north star that you have clarity beyond anything else you've ever tried and so that you can live from this place from here on out...


What you'll get to get this done faster:

•Human Design Cheat Sheet

• YFS Checklist

• HD workbook made just for YOU

• YFS Manifesto Template and Tools

wellBEing by Design

What we'll do:

Part 4: Oh no blocks! Learn why a wellBEing devotion is the only way you'll endure as a woman living beYOUtifully as you ... using my years of experience and knowledge to motivate you

Part 5: Gain knowledge, clarity and exposure to some of my healing practices ... so that you can actually FEEL into your authority and intuition and choose what works best for YOU not the cookie cutter ways you've been told

Part 6: Integration and Consistent wellBEing devotion...every day using a step-by-step checklist to ensure you're feeling good, loving it, busting blocks and seeing shifts physically, mentally and emotionally

What you'll get to get this done faster:

• daily voxer (M-TH) access to bust blocks as they come up

• PDFs, journal, cheat sheets, habit trackers, etc design for YOU to get consistent

• BBB Virtual Wellness Studio Access

• Well Being resource tips that have worked for me and that are tried and true


Aligned by Design


What we'll do:

Part 7: Design your 90 day conscious next steps ...from a place of alignment and not fear so your light can shine like the beacon you are

Part 8: Accountability, Support + Guidance that you can actually show up instead of calling in the towel when things get hard

Part 9: Review, Repeat, Uplevel ...have a hand to hold and a guide to walk alongside you to call you out in a loving way, tell you to go back to your Future Self and to tell you to tweak your wellBEing devotion when and if needed.

What you'll get to get this done faster:

  • BeYOUtiful by Design Goal Planner

  • Accountability

  • Resources, tools, planners to help you shine uniquely made for you

Can this really work? Living authentically as YOU is the only way! Here's what my clients have said-

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