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House of Light, Love and Human Design for
Projector Entrepreneurs

A 6 week group immersion (starts March 1st 2024) to find sustainable success in business through:
-self awareness
-wellBEing + healing
-authentic action

You’re tapped out and at a loss…you DO DO DO but it doesn’t seem to be getting easier in your business!  

You feel like your energy is off but can’t seem to figure out how to turn it  “on”. You’ve tried working out, eating healthy, buying all the programs and courses on social media and how to use Instagram….and still there is this niggle in you that something isn’t right. 

The success isn't coming like you thought it would.

Imagine if there was a blueprint AND Guide who allowed you to understand how your energy works so you can tap into your flow state?


This means: more time, more energy, and more happiness...and more success!


And... what would you think if I told you that by understanding your unique energy flow you'll also learn how to ditch the hustle for juicy + beYOUtiful flow?


I bet you're nodding your head right now but there might be a little gremlin voice in your head that says: 


"Sounds nice... sounds too good to be true."


I know, sister. That was me too.


That was until I learned the power of using Human Design and taking a step further and actually doing something with it in my wellBEing practices AND Biz...


That's when it all shifted for me in my business aka my 3rd baby.


But.. before I dive into how I can help you, let's get to know each other first shall we?

Get Inspired

Meet me {{Kelly}}...

In my time as a teacher, mother, entrepreneur…

I’ve learned sooooo much.

So many cookie cutter ways.

I’ve learned the rules based on other people’s energy…that got me stressed and sick.

Now I am here breaking the rules and leaning into my own!!!


I’m my own CEO and mom to 2 amazing kids...they seriously are my greatest gifts!

I’ve been in the wellness and online business industry for over ten years and have seen and lived it all…I’ve experimented and tried a lot in this overwhelming space. Some tools, mentors and courses worked and many did not.  


Most of them left me feeling bitter, frustrated and thinking something was wrong with ME if they didn’t work!


Maybe you can relate.


As a textbook high achiever (a lot had to do with my undefined Root Center for my Human Design friends)...


I spent years trying to be 'perfect' and hustling my booty off even though something deep inside of me was screaming "This isn't honoring my energy!"


After losing some hearing and literally having the universe/god smack me in the face with a few more health scares (thanks universe!) I've come to learn this:




Every Projector is unique and therefore should become their own guru in business.


Sounds simple, right?

But here's the thing - MOST people don't know their own energy or how to heal on a deeper level so they can confidently take the best action for thier businesses. Most women don’t know how to lean into more or a feminine flow state...we've lived in a very conditioned world.

That's why I created House of Light, Love and Human Design + this immersive group experience for you to experience the AUTHENTIC you in community


No more doing business alone...


No more “should”ing all over the place with your biz, wellBEing and LIFE!!


No more getting on the bandwagon with the latest fad hoping "this is the magic pill!!!"


House of Light, Love and Human Design for Projector Entrepreneurs is going to be powerful and the solid groundwork you need to see true, beYOUtiful, authentic success in business.


Self Awareness

wellBEing support

Authentic Action


Safe Space to heal

This experience has it all.


I'm so deeply excited to share this transformative work with you!

Envision knowing how your unique energy works, knowing how to best make decisions in every aspect of your Projector business without second guessing...


Imagine trusting deeply in your feminine power...


 Picture finding ease and safety in your well-BEing and deconditioning practices so you can seek clarity, answers and breakthrough that you will use in business.

Imagine being able to rest, recharge and relax more without the guilt or doubt!


How would your Projector business feel if you just learned to lean in to the true you??


It is time my sensitive Projector!!

This experience is for the woman who is ready to rise up beyond the rules that everyone else told her to live by in business and life.   She’s ready to make her own rules and live on her terms as her true authentic, magnetic self!


You will learn the power of your body and your mind.


By unlocking your Human Design you'll be able to experience the REAL you. You know the one you might have forgotten about after after all the labels piled on (mama, wife, teacher, sister, daughter, etc.)


We aren't just going to learn though, we're going to move the energy and breakthrough all of the stories you've told to yourself and create your next level you.


By understanding the flow of your energy through Human Design and pairing my mentorship, coaching, guidance and accountability - you'll get a taste of success on your terms.


This isn't just about learning an Instagram strategy...


This is about the best email funnel for Projectors...


We’re diving deep. We’re not just staying in learning {more} mode either.

I am going to nurture you and also push you to new be ready to show up.


This intimate and powerful 6 week+ immersion will help you peel back all the conditioning weighing you down, heal from the inside out and shine light on the parts of you that are worth activating (your gifts) so your light can shine!

A snippet of Kelly's Human Design Blueprint so you can see where some of her gifts lie and how she "brings it" to the collective:

Kelly’s life theme is to penetrate life on many levels.  Wherever she goes and whomever she meets, she can become engaged and use her intuitive senses into people’s lives.  If it’s aligned with her Projector Strategy, she can even gauge others’ motivations, ambitions, and fears which allows her to understand deeply about someone’s life situations.  Without always knowing how, she can shock others into a new awareness about their life allowing them to make changes to their situations.

She’s deeply intuitive and always comes from a place of love and integrity.  If she feels as though what she intuits is going to support her client’s transformation and growth, she shares.

She can tend to know more about people than they ever knew about themselves and herself.


She has a defined willpower center which is also a gift of hers and for her to share with her clients.  Less than 30% of the population has this.  When her heart is in something, she has the energy to stick with it.  She IS the energy of motivation and follow through.  She is compassionate and understanding of others around this because she knows not everyone is here to have consistent willpower.  She is able to hold safe space for those clients too.  She often encourages her clients to vibe off her willpower but yet not define themselves by it.  


Her sun is Gate 57.  This is her energy and gift of intuition in the now.  Though she is a huge planner and note taker, she laughs because her true gifts can’t be planned. She can’t possibly know what will come up in the now when working with her clients.  This is why her group coaching calls are powerful!!!  When she can see and feel you, she can support you and all other clients can learn from the same lessons shared.


She’s a projector and she is here to guide, tweak and make things efficient for you in her zone of genius…well-BEing and authentic purpose.


Do you absolutely need HD and coaching to heal, live aligned and embrace your feminine? No, but it will take a lot longer and there will be shortcuts and ahas you’ll miss out on!


I don’t have the time?

It’s not about having the time, it is about making the time for what is a priority in your life. If you’re sick of being tapped out, burnt out and spinning your wheels, what’s the cost of you NOT joining?

Who is this Experience for:

The sensitive Projector high achieving woman

The soulpreneuer, wellpreneuer and/or woman in a leadership role

The woman who is in a phase of burnout, frustration, bitterness and anger and knows to her core that something is off but she will NOT give up...her work is too important to this planet

The woman who is solution savvy and is willing to do what it takes to be her true authentic self.

The woman that wants to live more purpose driven.

The woman who desires to lean into sisterhood and all the magic that happens from this even if it's uncomfortable 

The women who is open to a fresh perspective...


Who is it not for:

The woman who is not ready to go all in

The woman who makes excuses

The woman who doesn’t embrace that her biggest investment is herself

The woman who doesn’t value connection and wants to do it all on her own

The woman who is not ready to do the work between calls

2 options:

Standalone program for $297                 or              Projector 6 Week Immersion for $697


What if I can’t make all calls?

All calls will be recorded and added to our “classroom” for you to view at your convenience but it is highly encouraged to make all the calls


How does the group immersion aspect work?

Kelly will hold a group immersion call weekly for you to bring your insights, blocks and questions to work through based on the learning and themes presented in House of Light, Love and Human Design. It's intuitive so some weeks will be intensive 1:1, others may be group breakout, healing is all based on the needs of the collective!  The transformation happens here. Don't underestimate these calls and what we collectively create. Beyond the immersion you will get weekly emails and reminders to come back to learn something more about your energy for a year. The hope is we all stay connected beyond the 6 weeks.


What is the time investment?

Kelly recommends setting aside 90 minutes each week for the call and other work that she intuitively assigns based on needs and challenges.  She also recommends setting aside time daily for your wellBEing.  

How long is the program?

The program is 6 weeks intensive and a year of emails and work to do on your own based on the weekly and monthly themes in House of Light, Love and Human Design.

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