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Energy-6 Cool Things to Know

I seriously wish I would have paid attention more in science class when I went to high school...anyone else?

Until the past several years, I had no exposure to working with energy and probably would have looked at you like you had four eyes if you had brought it up to me...

I've expanded my knowledge and understanding since then due to some health issues that I couldn't resolve...and I hope this helps you do the same!


We also have our own unique DNA. That DNA codes our in a sense, it makes us unique beings that bring forward something amazing to life when we are aligned and living correctly with our energy.

There's a reason you like specific things and others may not...they make you feel good. They make your energy go up. That's not by's energy, and we all have different energetic fields. This energy becomes conditioned as you grow older by school, parents, and society.

Things that may have made you feel good but weren't what your teachers or parents wanted from you were shoved down and hidden. Things that society wanted from you became priority and you went with the flow.

When you've gone into a classroom or workshop...have you ever felt the energy? Have you ever felt the excitement, or the you needed to get out of there?

Have you ever met someone who didn't say anything special but just by being near them, you felt better? Energy.

If you're struggling, in pain, or feeling stuck...that's your energy trying to help you create more bliss. These are signals of misalignment from your truth and purpose.

The key is to work with your unique energy so it can work with you...BLISS!

Here are 6 things to know about your energy:

1.Energy is nothing new or New's been studied for thousands of years.

2.Energy is based on scientific principles that you most likely learned in school.

3.You most likely have heard of energy healing or had some sort of energy healing done...Reiki, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Chakra work, and so many others (the key is to experiment to see what works best for you).

4. You can work on your energy at home!

5. When you clear and remove energy blocks with self care practices, you can heal yourself- physically, mentally, emotional.

6. There is a way to discover the way your unique energy shows up so you can start learning about it, becoming aware of it (awareness is the great healer) and de-conditioning from what's not serving's called Human Design.

Hope this opens your eyes up a bit more to energy so it doesn't sound so foreign. Now you don't have to look at me like I have four eyes when I chat about it! Kidding, Kidding(:

Lots of light, love and purpose!


PS: if you want to take the next step and learn more about Human Design (including getting your own Human Design energy blueprint), check out my free webinar:

I'd love to hear from you...

1. What do you know about energy?

2. What is your Human Design Energy Type?


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