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9 Epic Resources to Help You Choose Love Over Fear during this Scary Time.

As we continue to get through this challenging and worrisome time, I've chosen to write this blog to be a part of the solution vs. being part of the problem.

Yesterday when I started to notice my energy being drained and panic setting in, I used a method taught to me by my teacher, Gabby Bernstein, called the Choose Again Method.

What came through me was to stop listening to all the fear that is out there and collect advice and tips from my spiritual teachers on how to handle this positively.

It's imperative that you keep yourself and your immunity strong during this time. That means your emotional and mental health too.

Below you'll find amazing resources to come to if you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of panic.

1. Spiritual Tools to Relieve Coronavirus Anxiety from Gabby Bernstein. I've completed both of her Spirit Junkie Level 1&2 Trainings and she was the first woman to introduce me to being spiritual. I honor and adore everything she puts out and always go to her first.

2. Abraham Hicks How to Avoid Coronavirus 2020 Though this is slightly wordy and complicated to understand, trust that your intuition will take in what it needs to hear.

3. Marianne Williamson Coronavirus Meditation Marianne is a spiritual leader and A Course in Miracles teacher. Everything she puts out is beyond amazing.

4. Dealing with the Coronavirus: Practical Steps and Meditation from Deepak Chopra Lots of great tools and reminders to help calm you down.

5. Dr Joe Dispenza (2020) - CORONAVIRUS [THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS❗]: Joe healed himself from a debilitating injury where he was paralyzed. His work is unbelievable and he presents it in a very understandable and non-woo woo way.

6. Coronavirus Disease Donna Eden: Donna Eden is a leader in energy medicine and shares some easy tools to help boost your immune system.

7. EFT with Gabby Bernstein-I love Gabby's message here and I love Emotional Freedom works!

8. Sadhguru on Coronavirus Outbreak in China: Sadhguru adds a bit of humor to his talk (we all need some humor at times, am I right?)

9. Learn your Human Design!! Learn if you take in other people's fears and emotions or if you create your own. The far triangle on the left is your fear center. If it's colored in, you create your own fears and don't necessarily feel other people's fears or know when they are fearful. If that center is white, you absorb and amplify the fears of others that have it defined. Ask yourself if what you're fearing is YOURS and understand that you can clear that energy. The triangle on the far right is your Solar Plexus...emotions. If you have it colored in, you create your own emotions and go through an emotional wave. If you have it white, you are non-emotional and absorb other people's emotions and amplify them. When you know this, you can act more as a screen and not a sponge. This is literally a super quick note on the meaning behind your chart and these centers. If you want support and a guide to tell a deeper story of how to show up with less fear and anxiety (which lowers your immunity), book a Human Design Activation Reading with me. Click here for all the details.

I hope these resources help you remember that you're the one in control of're your own guru. Stay calm. Choose love and help those around you do the same!

Lots of Light, Love and Purpose,



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