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A journey through your first Breathwork class

Breathwork has been around for years and years and just recently has become more well known and's sooooo needed right now!

I’m honored to be trained and bringing conscious connected breath to the Buffalo (and virtual) area in this format.

Results you can expect from my Breathwork class include detoxification of the body, calmer mind, strengthened immunity, greater clarity and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Watch to learn how we do this 2 part active Breathwork class and book your first class this Wednesday now! Can’t make it to a live virtual class? Book my Saturday recorded class and I will email you this week’s session.

I recommend a full session once a week and then mini tune up sessions daily...I offer those to our Barre, Breath and Beyond Unlimited Membership right in the on demand app.

Not only does Buffalo Barre + Breath offer Breathwork to our community but we also offer Buti Yoga and 305 Fitness Dance Cardio...classes that are unique to our area!

We invite you to test them and our amazing Barre classes out with our B+B 10 Day Trial...we've made it a no brainer for you at $20!

Click here to join and we look forward to helping your tone up on the outside AND inside!


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