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Adding adventure into your Projector Business without the burnout...

What if you could take some of those adventures you dream up in your business while allowing all the emotions of fear and excitement (and everything in between) to BE with you along the way without the burnout? What if you allowed more adventure without thinking that the adventure needs to be perfect, but instead to simply learn and grow from? As sensitive and/or Projectors in business, adventure can bring up emotions that can drain us...I get it! Human Design Gate 35 can support you in completely looking at going after those adventures in a more high vibe and impactful way.

Some of us have been conditioned to think adventures are there to embark on aiming for perfection and mastery. What if you could instead approach the adventure as an experience to feel through?

I invite you to approach your next adventure with the knowing that you will experience emotions and that you actually will go into the adventure being excited to feel all those emotions...instead of avoiding them or thinking they shouldn't be there. Why? Because every emotion is welcome and part of the story that you can then share as experience to the world.

Some people actually crave adventure and their very gift is to allow themselves to experience new adventures often so they can FEEL and then come back to us to share their memories.

Those that have Gate 35 defined are those special ones.

Human Design Gate 35 transits the Sun from June 1st-June 6th(ish). When the sun transits this Gate (our gifts, expressions, parts of us) we are all given the opportunity to feel this energy more consistently and stronger. We are all gifted growth with this aspect of us.

We all embody all the parts of the Human Design chart. Where we are white, we feel that gift/part inconsistently and in a variety of ways. When the Sun transits this Gate OR if someone around us has it defined, we can amplify that energy. Where we have it defined, we feel/experience it consistently and vibrate that energy out into the world for those with it white to take in. It is our gift to vibrate out.

If you have this Gate defined in your Sun, Earth, or it is colored two colors in your chart, you really want to make this Gate your curriculum. Get my audio workshop here. This workshop is for ALL of us really because we all can learn from this gift.

Human Design Gate 35 for Sensitive and Projector Entrepreneurs to heal burnout

Gate 35 is the Gate of Change

This energy is all about adventure and restless curiosity to experience adventures.

The gift is "feeling” and the desire for depth of feeling.

This is about experiencing, collecting the feelings and speaking them out as wisdom and advice.

-new experiences keep this energy healthy and alert

-having the courage to share what you know based on your adventures and experiences that you were brave enough to take

-can be perceived as restless and bored when nothing is willing to explore your emotions in these moments because they are part of the adventure

I would love to hear from you allow yourself to experience adventures or do you shut them down because you are afraid to feel the range of emotions that come with new things? What if the very thing you're afraid of is actually the gift to speak out to the world?



Kelly Joseph Projector Entrepreneur

To become beYOUtifully self aware and gain massive clarity in your business and life as a sensitive and/or Projector to achieve the success you so rightfully are worthy of, I invite you to learn more about my in depth Intuitive Human Design Readings here.



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