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Allow yourself to be enthusiastic about your sensitive and/or Projector Business!!

Enthusiasm is contagious and right now in this world we need all of us sensitives and/or Projectors to really be enthusiastic about our businesses and how we are here to serve. Allow yourself to be "too much" and be enthusiastic about your business and the skills that make you YOU! This is the gift Human Design Gate 16 can inspire us all to embrace.

I have Gate 16 defined in my chart and a perfect example of me being enthusiastic in my business is with Human Design!! (notice the 2 exclamation points-haha)

I've had many people tell me that they love my enthusiasm for HD and that they can feel my energy. I've dedicate the last six years of my life to experimenting and learning Human Design. I eat it up. I share it with whomever will listen and I can't NOT think about it every. single. day. I remember one mentor told me to expand into something different and I nearly cried right then and there. That's when I knew Human Design is a skill I am here to master.

Because I've given myself time to master this complex system (and there's always way more to learn), I've finally gotten to a point where it's extremely natural for me to share insights with enthusiasm.

What skill(s) in your business are you willing to slow down to master, no matter how long it takes? Are you sharing your love for that skill(s) with enthusiasm...or are you dimming down for fear of others thinking you're too much? I often remind myself that I don't have to hide my enthusiasm while I'm sharing Human Design. I remind myself to let it rip! Be big. Be bright. Be dramatic and over the top...this helps what I have to say really get through to the right people. This help the message I have make a deeper impact.

Human Design Gate 16 transits the Sun from May 27th-May 30th(ish). When the sun transits this Gate (our gifts, expressions, parts of us) we are all given the opportunity to feel this energy more consistently and stronger. We are all gifted growth with this aspect of us.

We all embody all the parts of the Human Design chart. Where we are white, we feel that gift/part inconsistently and in a variety of ways. When the Sun transits this Gate OR if someone around us has it defined, we can amplify that energy. Where we have it defined, we feel/experience it consistently and vibrate that energy out into the world for those with it white to take in. It is our gift to vibrate out.

If you have this Gate defined in your Sun, Earth, or it is colored two colors in your chart, you really want to make this Gate your curriculum. Get my audio workshop here. This workshop is for ALL of us really because we all can learn from this gift.

Human Design Gate 16 for Projector Entrepreneurs

Gate 16 is the Gate of Skills

With mastery and enthusiasm, this energy will make her mark on the world as a critic, skilled performer of for her enthusiasm for living.

What skills do you identify yourself with? Dedicate yourself to mastery through reptition over time.

-you're looking for the perfect way to express your own the dancer becoming the dance

-YES! You do have enough depth, don't fall into that trap

-be in service of your talent

-master your skill not for perfection but for the art of mastery and share it with enthusiasm when the time is right

I'd love to hear from you! Your stories, insights, experiences and ahas are always welcome!



Kelly Joseph Intuitive wellBEing Guide to sensitive and Projector Entrepreneurs

To become beYOUtifully self aware and gain massive clarity in your business and life as a sensitive and/or Projector to achieve the success you so rightfully are worthy of, I invite you to learn more about my in depth Intuitive Human Design Readings here.


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