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An open letter to my beautiful mom friends during this uncertain time...

I see you my beautiful and strong mom friend!!!

You're one of the hardest working moms out there and you'll do anything to make your family thrive...including putting your self care on the back burner with the mac and cheese.

You are so good at keeping up with the "rest of the moms" by getting it ALL done, "wearing all the hats" and looking put together on the outside!

You're baffled on how these perfect IG moms never miss a beat...because behind the scenes it's breaking you.

You laugh at the fact that you're so busy but inside you're dying to screw it all and reclaim your fun, flirty, flowing YOU that does things because they feel aligned, not because the world says it's what you're supposed to do.

Your fear runs the show...fear of failing as a mom, fear of failing as a wife, fear of failing in your career and fear of disappointing the world.

You worry...a lot and you're at the point where you don't remember what life was like when worry wasn't running the show.

OMG and remember the days when travel and cocktails with friends was at the top of your list...gahh those were the days. Any time you can get out with your girl tribe and have a glass of wine or two is food for the soul for you.

You crave that connection...with women who get it.

Being a mom is truly the best...and you're not complaining but damn you've lost yourself somewhere along the way. You have no clue what lights you up anymore and you couldn't say what your hobbies are these days.

You know those passions and hobbies are deep inside though.

You want to be that radiant, healthy mom...the one who meditates, works out and lives in the moment....who doesn't flip out if there's a mess or if something doesn't go as planned.

But you think meditation isn't for you because you tried it like 4 times and your brain was too busy and the kids were running around in the background, so forget that! But with the right support, you may be willing to try again(:

You want to clear your judgements, clear your limiting beliefs and create an unbreakable positive mindset.

You want to stop looking for the next best thing OUT THERE and learn how to access all you need inside.

Because if you can do this:

-you can understand that you are beautiful and strong right now!!

-you can be a hard working mom who makes sure her family is thriving, but not at the cost of her emotional and mental health

-you can understand that you will never ever, ever, ever try to keep up with the other moms because you remember that they are you and that an IG picture can only tell a few words or their entire life. They have their struggles just like you.

If you learn to go within:

-you can shift from busy for the sake of being busy, to setting loving boundaries that ensure your wellness

-you can claim what you want with your relationships, career and desires and enjoy the journey of getting there!!

My beautiful and fabulous mom friend, you simply need someone next to you, someone who understands the mom journey and has overcome so much of the inner struggle herself to guide you! Someone who doesn't make spirituality all woo woo but makes it modern and fun and unique to YOUR needs.

You simply need someone to listen to you from an objective view that can use her expertise on Human Design and Wellness to offer suggestions...which you then tune into to see if they fit your energy.

I'm that mom. I'm that mom who loves a good girl's night, loves to laugh, loves to be flirty and fun, and loves coffee and the Real Housewives.

I'm also the mom that meditates daily, journals, clears limiting beliefs and uses my energy to work for me and not against me.

I'm your guide that still fails. Still is on my own journey. Still is evolving. Still is learning and still is in the mom trenches with you.

I believe we can be in flow and create more bliss. I believe life is all about creating epic memories with the ones we's our birthright!

I believe we must put our self care first, we must access our inner guru and we must STOP looking outside of ourselves! I believe we all have gifts and uniqueness that is just screaming to get outside of us.

I believe that NOW is the time to make the shifts and we are given this gift today!! I believe all of this around us is giving us the signs to slow down and get in touch with who we are.

Let's face're fabulous, you're open minded, you do the work, you don't make excuses, you are solution savvy and you are worth investing in your growth because you know it will pay off in all areas of your life.

Let's connect...I invite you to reach out to reclaim YOU right now! Stay home and go within.

Lots of light, love and purpose,



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