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Apparently I’m a Priestess😍in the making

I’ve been pulling this card a ton lately from Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light Deck💕

It wasn’t too long ago that I was stuck, fearful (still have moments) and afraid to show up due to my lips, my overwhelm, my ear...everything and anything.

I definitely needed space and time to heal...but there came a moment in January where I knew I needed to get back out there but couldn’t.

This is when this card started showing up alllll the time.

Today I sit here finally listening. Finally showing up imperfectly and yet “still bruised and broken”.

This is me.

I’m here showing up because I know 100% to my core that MY LIFE is my message.

My pain, my struggles, my joys, my lessons are my message, my gift and my light to you all so that you go out there and show up too💕

Priestess in the making ✌🏻


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