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Are you missing this key piece in your Projector Business?

Hi beYOUtiful!

Projectors and Empaths in business

The key piece that most Projector entrepreneurs miss in their online businesses is to slow down to see and feel the beYOUty in who they're BEing and BEcoming along the way of their entrepreneurial endeavors.

We're so conditioned to move fast and keep hustling to reach everyone else's views of success, that we miss the truth of who we are as sensitive and Projector entrepreneurs.

Success is our signature and for me that word and what it stands for has been so conditioned. I've done a lot of work around this in the past years and I want to help you do the same.

Close your eyes.

What do you feel, sense and see in your mind's eye when you think of success? Be bold and write it down if you wish. This will be a living and evolving answer.

Now be brutally honest with yourself as a Projector you feel successful?

If so, keep don't need this post. Why fix what isn't broken?

If the answer isn't a full hearted's time to do some healing around what SUCCESS means to you, my Projector friend.

We're often told what success is and the strategies we need to take to get "there". There are systems and formulas and 5 part methods and often we hurry up to get it and to make it to the finish line...only to be bitter, exhausted and lost when we do get to the finish line.

Maybe you saw a little success, maybe you failed...but the questions always is-did you FEEl successful when you got there?

For me and maybe's always been NO. UGH, it's never enough.

The piece you're missing is to find beYOUty in the process. Who are you BEing along the way? What are you becoming along the way? What growth have you experienced that you needed to energetically hold the success you want? We often get so ahead of ourselves and focus on what's not working that we miss the daily successes right in front of us.

I work heavily on this with my clients. I guide them to slow down and document specifics based on their unique make up in a fun, rewarding way where they actually can SEE that they've been successful along the way but have been missing it this entire time.

An example from my business is a program I created called House of Light, Love and Human Design. I would learn and follow every single strategy from building the course on multiple platforms, to how to actually build a successful membership, to how to market it on the Socials....

I'd learn and get "there" on a daily basis but never focused on that aspect and would only be left feeling drained and disappointed about all my efforts, failures and "time wasted" based on the end result. Then bitterness would set in and it was all over. I'd have an emotional low and be defeated. This was a pattern over and over again as I continued on this soul led project.

It wasn't until I slowed down to be present enough and grateful enough in each and every moment that I had the most mind blowing epiphany that I was missing out because the beYOUty and success was already there!!! Each and every day had massive success in this project but I was too busy looking at the big picture and the wrong success indicators.

The success is in the way I handled that rejection.

The success was in the way I kept trying new platforms until one felt right to house this project.

The beyOUty came when I showed myself compassion, celebration and grace in the small daily wins and not the final end win that often didn't ever come in the controlled way I wanted it.

And the list goes on and on...I had so much success based on inner results but I was too focused on the outer end result during the first phase of this project.

When you can slow down enough and find the beYOUty in all parts of your entrepreneurial journey, you've created a success that no one can take away.

Some tips:

  1. Detach from the outcome and appreciate NOW

  2. Stay committed not'll experience way more success this way

  3. Recognize and spot when your mind is getting ahead of you and creating a false narrative

  4. Accept your current reality

  5. Remind yourself that beYOUty comes in the journey, not the destination over and over again all day every day and spot the freaking beYOUty in the current moment...there's beYOUty in all of it

  6. Master your emotions

  7. Challenge all limiting beliefs around success and define success for YOU

  8. Stay present and document success daily

When you change your focus and look to seek beYOUty daily based on your definition of've changed the game in your Projector Entrepreneurship.

This has been my body of work over the last ten years as an online Projector Entrepreneur and more so over the last year of intense work specifically on this.

I write this post like these tips are so easy. I truly understand they're not. They're simple, not easy. My goal for my business has been to simplify it all...but the work isn't easy. I've invested heavily in mentors, courses, certifications, programs and books...more importantly, I've stayed true to my Human Design and have led with my intuition.

I am here to guide, mentor, consult and coach you, my fellow Projector and/or Sensitive Entrepreneur. I help sensitive entrepreneurs seek clarity and beYOUty in who they're becoming while building their businesses. It's all about true wellth + freedom on your terms!

I am rooting for you!! Lots of love and light,


Kelly Joseph Intuitive Mentor to Projector Entrepreneurs

For your very own Intuitive Human Design Reading, learn more here.

Reach out here to inquire about my current 1:1 and group coaching offers.


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