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Are you willing to feel all the emotions based on your desires in your Projector Business?

Right around Valentine's Day we're all invited to get intimate with our emotions that come with our desires. Are you willing to feel all the emotions based on your current desires in your Projector Business or do you shut them down when the feelings get to be too much?

No judgement here...emotional mastery has been part of my curriculum on this planet right now. How I felt about Gate 30 even a year ago is so different than how I feel about it now based on my own life trials and errors and learning more about emotional mastery.

Emotional mastery is the name of the game this time of year as the sun transits Gate 30! It's fiery and juicy.

Human Design Gate 30 and the Projector Entrepreneur

This is the gate of feelings and passion. It's the most intense energy in the system.  This energy is about recognition of your feelings and having the tenacity to stay with those feelings until the right timing to express action on your desires.




*sustaining a dream and that fire without burning out

*leaning in to the intensity of all the emotions  to help you, not hinder you towards your passions

*allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions

Am I allowing myself to feel it all on the journey to living beyoutifully as me?

As sensitive entrepreneurs, we're being asked to lean into this gift from February 14th-18th (ish) as the sun transits this energy. We can greatly learn about ourselves and how to be successful on our terms in our businesses with this energy then (and all times). Remember, we embody ALL of the Human Design chart but we are consistent and shine our gifts outwardly in the spots that are colored in on the bodygraph.

When the suns transits this energy or if you're around someone who does have Gate 30, we get to all feel it consistently and learn a lot about ourselves when it comes to embracing all the emotions.

If you have this Gate defined in your sun or earth, or it is colored two colors in your chart, you really want to make this Gate your curriculum.

As a sensitive Projector, do you allow yourself to feel...all of it without judgement? Can you allow yourself this gift and use it as information to be the energy to lead you into the correct endeavors and pursuits?

I'd love to hear from you! Connect on my IG here to share.



Kelly Joseph Intuitive wellBEing Guide to Human Design Projector Entrepreneurs

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