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Barre Basics and Equipment for Your Barre Workout

I love Barre and have for some years!

Better posture✌ Improved balance Strength and Flexibility 💕 Reduced anxiety and stress... And my fave...a lifted booty😜

Barre is my spirit workout since 2006 when I first tried my first Fluidity Fitness program! We would go on vacation and I’d scout out the city for barre classes back then. I just never had the courage or confidence to go for what I really have fun teaching it!! age 40, I’ve changed that!

You may be reading this because you're part of my Blueprint, Barre and Breath Challenge or because you've fumbled upon my page!


I wanted to share my story of finding barre and share the equipment you'll need if you're doing one of my Barre workouts! I will also share some top positions you'll be seeing in most of my barre workouts!

Feel free to join the current Blueprint, Barre and Breath Challenge and if the challenge has ended, get on the waitlist for the next!

Click here.

For the equipment mentioned in the video, click here.

Lots of Light, Love and Purpose,



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