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Being in the NOW in your Projector and/Sensitive Business can help you live lighter and more impactful

Now is all we have. As sensitive business owners, we can get so caught up in the past or the future that we don't ground into the truth that NOW is all we have. When we can live in this energy of Human Design Gate 20, we can trust more and live lighter as Projector and/or Sensitive Business women while making more impact.

Give yourself space each day to just be present and BE and do from this place. Allow your truth seeker ways and authenticity to guide what you speak out to us. That can be scary...yes, but test it out.

I recently spoke at a workshop and at the end in one beat of a second, my intuition told me...Kell, you must ask her (my one friend and client) what the status is of a project I knew was her passion. My mind tried to control the situation and tell me NO, you don't want to shake things up for her or make her feel like you're being too nosy. But then I remembered my truth and my gifts (I have Gate 20 defined in my chart and I have the entire channel 57-20 very strong in my chart) and I did ask her in my usual lighthearted and authentic way...

She needed to hear that question asked to rise up into her greatness...and though it did bring up some emotion for her, she has been taking more action towards this passion project!

I allowed the NOW to be present and trusted in myself and my intuition. I courageously spoke what was coming through.

Human Design Gate 20 transits the Sun from May 21st-May 26th(ish). When the sun transits this Gate (our gifts, expressions, parts of us) we are all given the opportunity to feel this energy more consistently and stronger. We are all gifted growth with this aspect of us.

We all embody all the parts of the Human Design chart. Where we are white, we feel that gift/part inconsistently and in a variety of ways. When the Sun transits this Gate OR if someone around us has it defined, we can amplify that energy. Where we have it defined, we feel/experience it consistently and vibrate that energy out into the world for those with it white to take in. It is our gift to vibrate out.

If you have this Gate defined in your Sun, Earth, or it is colored two colors in your chart, you really want to make this Gate your curriculum. Get my audio workshop here. This workshop is for ALL of us really because we all can learn from this gift.

Human Design Gate 20 for sensitive entrepreneurs

Gate 20 is the Gate of the Now

This gift is all about staying in the present and as the true you. 

"I am now"...this awareness supports your words you express to make the most impact on others.

The power is not being so focused on the past or present but trusting in this moment.

-being authentically yourself in this moment is everything

-there is no controlling what you say, it is more of a surrender to being this moment, from moment to moment

-truth teller who is here to call it like it is in the moment with grace and love

How can you be more present in life and with your business and clients? Are you acting in courage when you get the hit to say something?

I'd love to hear from you! Your stories, insights, experiences and ahas are always welcome!



Kelly Joseph Intuitive wellBeing Guide

To become beYOUtifully self aware and gain massive clarity in your business and life as a sensitive and/or Projector to achieve the success you so rightfully are worthy of, I invite you to learn more about my in depth Intuitive Human Design Readings here.


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