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burnout to beYOUtiful workshop

What if the burnout you’re feeling (exhaustion, overwhelm, frustration, lack of motivation, etc.) is actually just a sign that is gifted to you to get your attention?

What if it was just there to give you a little nudge to make some shifts to step more into your authentic self so you could experience life the exact way you were meant to?

You’re beYOUtiful, unique, special and gifted…FACTS!! I know this to my core. You are. You are. You are!

For my purpose driven women, entrepreneurs, healers and/or mothers-

Let me help you tap back into what makes you so amazing so you can shift to a life with more peace, satisfaction, peace and surprise!

It’s an inside job. Self awareness is the first step.

Come join me for an evening of fun and connection in person!!

Burnout to beYOUtiful!!!

I will share with you my story, my signature beYOUtiful by Design method AND zone in on the first phase which is all about self awareness using my favorite tool Human Design.

I’ll share an introduction into this complicated looking system and help you make meaning of your own chart.

It’s gonna be cozy, fun, intimate, full of laughs, connection and “HECK YEAH I’M BEYOUTIFUL…I JUST FORGOT FOR A HOT SECOND” moments.

June 4th


My new studio at Go To Wellness (spots limited)

6510 Milestrip Rd.

Orchard Park, NY

Click here to get more details!


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