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Can you care without carrying as a Sensitive and/or Projector Entrepreneur?

Once upon a time there was this beYOUtiful and sensitive Projector entrepreneur who had a really special gift. She could care deeply about her clients without carrying their problems on her shoulders...because of this she never burnt out and built the most successful and sustainable business.

Her clients would come from far and wide just to be in her caring energy and to seek her advice, comfort, and guidance. They approached her with heavy hearts, sharing their problems and worries. The nurturing Projector would listen attentively, offering kind words of support and encouragement. She would share her valuable insights and practical solutions that helped them overcome their challenges.

Many people wondered how the woman was able to help everyone and not get weighed down by their burdens. They asked her once, "How do you care so much for others without carrying their troubles on your own shoulders?"

The wise woman smiled, "I'm like a gardener. I care for the plants, water them, and nurture them, but I don't carry them on my back. I let them grow and become strong on their own. Similarly, I care for people, offer my help and support, but I don't carry their problems. I trust them to find their own solutions."

We can all learn from this story. She truly embodies the gifts of Gate 27 in Human Design. Let's all take a lesson from her playbook.

Human Design Gate 27 transits the Sun from April 22nd-26th(ish). When the sun transits this Gate (our gifts, expressions, parts of us) we are all given the opportunity to feel this energy more consistently and stronger. We are all gifted growth with this aspect of us.

We all embody all the parts of the Human Design chart. Where we are white, we feel that gift/part inconsistently and in a variety of ways. When the Sun transits this Gate OR if someone around us has it defined, we can amplify that energy. Where we have it defined, we feel/experience it consistently and vibrate that energy out into the world for those with it white to take in. It is our gift to vibrate out.

If you have this Gate defined in your Sun, Earth, or it is colored two colors in your chart, you really want to make this Gate your curriculum. Get my audio workshop here. This workshop is for ALL of us really because we all can learn from this gift.

Human Design Gate 27 for Sensitive and Projector Entrepreneurs

Insights into Gate 27

Gate 27 is The Gate of Caring

The gift of naturally taking care of people and nurturing.

Your life is enhanced when you care for the weak, sick, young and those in need.

Accountability to your own caring is the secret.

-Care without carrying

-The quality in which you care for others can only be as good as the quality in which you care for yourself

-Mother Teresa energy 

-Naturally knowing what to do to take care of others...not everyone does

I absolutely love this gift and though I don't have it defined (so I experience it inconsitently and in a variety of ways), I deeply FEEL this as a sensitive empath.

What are the biggest takeaways for you in business? This is a reminder for us all to make your own tea cup overflowing and then serve from the saucer.

I'd love to hear from you! Your stories, insights, experiences and ahas are always welcome!



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