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I'm a huge huge HUGE A Course in Miracles (ACIM) lover and the text has changed my life. The main idea of the text is to choose love over fear and learn to live your life in this way. That's the shortest summary ever-hahaha, but I want to get to the point.

The course says, "those who are certain of the outcome can wait and wait without anxiety"...

I've heard this repeated over and over again, and it always gives me peace...I'm hoping it does the same for you too.

Watch as I share in a modern way, what this means and how you can apply this to your life. You are so worthy or miracles every's your birthright!

I'd love to hear from you! The deeper conversations happen over in our private FB group. You're invited to join! Click here, and of course, when you're ready to dive deeper into your self care, I'm here to help...learn more here.

Lots of light, love and purpose,


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