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Claim your own’s already waiting for you!!

Ya know when you go to school for the first day and you already have a seat ready for you? It has your school supplies, your name tag and probably some things from home that make it YOURS. You don't go around trying to take someone else's seat, or try to fit into someone else's seat...

Watch my LIVE because I know you're going to resonate with how I explain that this is a lot like life. Our seats or thrones are already there waiting for us to claim...all of our greatness, gifts and's already there waiting!!! There is no need to be going after someone else's seat because you have your own...

Hear me out sista friend and come join our private group where the deeper conversations're invited!

As always, I am here to help and support you on your self care journey! Don't be shy to reach out with any questions and if you're ready to book a Human Design Reading, click here!

Lots of Love, Light and Purpose,



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