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Do what great writer’s do with your fear and frustration

All good writers spill it out and get everything down on paper in their first draft.

I just finished listening to an amazing speech given by Brene Brown called Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice and it blew my socks off! I am definitely putting this on the list of recommended reads for my clients and I highly recommend you getting a copy too. Click here to see it.

Check out my video as I explain something that stuck with me deeply...her idea of a shitty first draft.

In the video I chat about:

-Brene's idea of reality checking our "first draft"

-learning to catch yourself as fast as you can in your story

-identifying what story you are telling yourself

-the power of writing it down

-Brene's concepts of the reckoning-breathing it in, the rumble-asking questions, the revolution-the story I’m telling myself is…and rewriting it

"When you own your story, you get to write the ending. If you deny the story, the story owns you." Brene Brown

Check it out below!

And as always, the deeper conversations happen in our private FB group. Join here!

Lots of light, love and purpose,



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