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From Kindergarten Teacher to Projector Entrepreneur

Projector Entrepreneur

I started as a teacher…to littles! Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and Literacy. I loved it. I worked my tush off. Stayed late. Started early. Hustled. Followed the rules. Went above and beyond. Then I got laid off in 2008 during the recession because a school closed in my district. School closing=less teachers.  I was the last person on the seniority list…now I am a Projector Entrepreneur and am so grateful I got laid off.


At the time though, I really felt as though my life was coming to a halt…who was I if I wasn't a teacher?! I went through an identity crisis.  It was rough.


Weirdly at the same time I woke up to the food industry by watching an Oprah episode with Alicia Silverstone (I mean who didn't watch Clueless 30+ times growing up-am I showing my age??)…


This began the hunger and learning for holistic health.  Cool how that works out because THIS was my true life purpose.  Back then I could've never known how trusting my intuition would lead to all it has in the exact way it was meant to.


I got certified as a Holistic Health Coach…but didn't feel worthy and “ready” so I taught about essential oils and non toxic living and made income doing that…


Then I moved into fitness AND nutrition and became a fitness partner and taught, guided, motivated and coached women with their fitness and nutrition using BODi programs…


Then I got burnt out and crashed…


Which led me to more of the internal work and energy work. I discovered Human Design and my life literally changed.


I couldn't stop learning about energy, healing and all things Human Design.


I became a Human Design Reader…


At the same time I got invited to take over a barre studio but instead of in person, all online…because this was the COVID years.  I made it my own and tied in a bit of my energy and healing work. My studio was called Buffalo Barre +Breath.


It served its purpose until people were done with the ZOOM thing and ready to get back in person. So I closed the LIVE class aspect down and went even deeper into healing and uncovering my purpose work.


I went through a year long high level mastery level life coaching program where I learned about all things mindset, emotional mastery, unconscious work, somatics and behavioral.


Now I tie in my love and passion of Human Design with all things holistic health to help entrepreneur women live on purpose…right now I am using the phrase “compactionate Human Design” to describe how I am unique when it comes to delivering this amazing self awareness tool.


If I didn't have Human Design through my journey to who I am today…I feel like I would have quit. I would have doubted myself. I would have judged myself for not staying with ONE thing for 20 years!!


Human Design is my roadmap. I lean in and do the work and I am a constant student in my experiment.  It has given me permission to be ME and do things in my own unique way…no matter how slow or weird it may seem to the outside world.  I trust it is all working out for my greatest good AND is part of my purpose so I can serve at my greatest.


Success for me is so very unique and different then what I thought it was when I first began, and it shifts more and more every season…lots of wisdom and humbleness. 


It's beYOUtiful. I am beYOUtiful.  Whew-you have no clue the work I've done to be able to actually write those words!


The journey takes time. It takes resilience. It takes trusting your intuition and taking care of YOU and your inner world.  But I want you to know you are beYOUtiful too! You have a purpose. You are here on purpose. You're meant to take action and you're meant to be compassionate towards yourself as a human living out her purpose. You're meant to be self aware and lead from that authentic space…compactionate Human Design.


If you're lost. Stuck. Bitter. Frustrated. Angry…ooo girl, I have been there and this is not meant to be your stopping point. It's meant to be the gem that supports you in creating the unwavering vision you so desire. The only way out is through.


Start with your self awareness, unlocking who you're here to serve and what your meant to stand for.


Entrepreneurship is not A+B = C…neither is living a purpose led life.  But you're not meant to quit at your purpose! You're meant to become unwavering.


I can help…


So much light, love and purpose,


Kelly Joseph Intuitive wellBeing Guide

To become beYOUtifully self aware and gain massive clarity in your business and life as a sensitive and/or Projector to achieve the success you so rightfully are worthy of, I invite you to learn more about my in depth Intuitive Human Design Readings here.


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