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From passion to Barre love story

I followed the nudges.

I tuned in to ME.

I reparented Myself...

and continue to do all of this still!

I want to inspire you today and maybe even give you a little kick in the tush to get moving on what excites you by sharing my story of Barre...

I began this love story almost 15 years ago and back then I just knew I would do something with Barre. I just didn't have the confidence.

Now, 40, I am dusting off this passion and turning it into part of my purpose.

No, one day I didn't just wake up and know my purpose. I listened and tuned in and took small actions each day (and still do).

What did you love as a child that you shelved??

Definitely watch my LIVE to get excited and inspired today *|FNAME|*! Click to head to the blog and watch!!

Lots of light, love and purpose,



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