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How to get Imaginative in your highly sensitive business as a Human Design Projector

Hey Projector (or any highly sensitive entrepreneur)! I hope you're ready to learn a fresh way to get Imaginative in your business as we finish up January....

So your year started off rocky and all the visions, goals, intentions and whatever else “they” told you to do to make this year the best year yet have gone to the wayside…

Now you're judging yourself because you frankly could care less that you've already lost track and sight of those 2024 goals.

Or maybe you just didn't set any goals because you just weren't feeling it…maybe you just wanted to be a rebel (get it girl heehee).

Orrrr you just keep judging and beating yourself up because everything seems so hard and full of resistance with your goals and you're stubborn so you just keep getting back up fighting for the goal(s)….you're exhausted as a Projector.

Orrrr wait, wait, wait….maybe you're just plain old overwhelmed, stuck and bitter and you couldn't even begin to think of goals in 2024…yet.

Whew…can I invite you to just sit down and take the load off? It is safe to do this here. Take a breathe with me beYOUtiful. I got you.

I am inviting you to play with me a bit this week (or whenever you've come upon this post). Like really get fun with me and play. Get imaginative. Get dreamy. Get creative. In fact, the energy floating around this week is all about IMAGINATION and we are invited to all bask in it.

Read my image below for juicy details and to learn even more click here.

Human Design Projector Gate 41

Because from this place (if you actually allow yourself to go there) is where the true beYOUtiful goals can be dreamt up. January 23rd was the beginning Human Design New Year…so you may be truly ready NOW to create the goals that are aligned with YOU and your authentic self.

Don't force them. Don't fight for ideas. Just BE in this energy this week and allow the juices to ebb and flow.

Right now we ALL get that spark, that pressure to go out there and create something and to feel something new+different. It could be with your wellBEing, family, purpose, business, relationships…lean in.

Pay attention to where you can see all these possibilities around a certain topic and speak them out, write them out or get them out in your own way!

Energy doesn't lie…notice what happens to your energy when you do this…do you get all giddy, fluttery, excited or energized? Keep working through and WITH this hunger to feel new emotions. What does that look like and feel like in your world?

Whatever you do…don't let that mind of yours run the show…let your intuition/Authority and heart do that.

That's it…just play in this energy today and into the weekend. Write down those visions and goals from this place. You don't have to do anything with it (yet).

Oh and if you want…I give you permission to tear up those old, not for you, inauthentic goals you made on January 1st too!

Let me know what you resonate with and what you come up with over on the 'gram!

PS: I've been living in this energy too and here's what happened: I put my heart and soul into my signature project, House of Light, Love and Human Design for over a year now. It is truly the project I am most proud of in my business.  It was hard, time consuming, pushed me beyond my limits and helped me heal on a deeper level along the way…but it's been off. The marketing, the intention, the delivery…

So I've been playing in possibility with it. Getting imaginative and creative with how this is meant to roll out…

Some days I would get impatient. Some days completely blocked.  Finally yesterday afternoon after allowing my creative juices and imagination to be free…clarity came!!!!  I went from feeling restless, very low energy and quite honestly feeling hopeless to energized and excited all in a matter of minutes. I knew I was on to something. I am still working through it but piece by piece more is coming through as I allow myself to live in this energy this week.

You are here to do this as well with the things that matter to YOU.


PPS: Some of us have this gift of Gate 41 and have consistency with it. Some don't have it consistently and experience it only when the sun is transiting it or if you're around someone who has it. I am inconsistent with it so am really taking advantage this week.


PPPS: Stay tuned for the big reveal soon!! In the meantime, check out this extensive and amazing body on the Human Design Gates (your gifts) of work I have been able to put together over the past year!!!


So much love and light,



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