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How to support your Manifesting Generator Child's Homeschooling

Is it week 3 of homeschooling our kids?!

How’s it going? ❤️

Give yourself credit, mamas, for working with your kiddos if it’s ten minutes or two hours! It’s hard work!

I’m seriously grateful that I know about Human Design and how it can help our kids flourish and live with more ease.

We all are unique...our energy is unique, we approach things differently, make decisions differently and are attracted to different things!

My son is a Manifesting Generator...these people are powerhouses and have the most energy (when living their truth)♥️

If you have a Manifesting Generator child, you can support them by:

-teaching them topics that light them up

-teaching them to tune into their gut and understand a yes and no feeling in their bodies, and then asking them yes/no questions to make decisions. “Jake do you want to read first?”

-understanding and encouraging them to have their cute little hands in lots of projects at the same time that excite them! #learningstations

-being aware that they experience frustration and anger when they are living in their ‘not-self’😡

👨‍👩‍👧‍We can help them by being there and honoring their energy.

There’s so much more to it and that’s why I’ve created a Masterclass for my modern moms in supporting each Human Design Type child with his/her schooling during this unique time. Learn more here!

Go find out what Type your child is by going to this link and then tell me below!

Moms you’re doing amazing!! Teachers thank you for helping us support our kids at home!!

Lots of Light, Light and Purpose,



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