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How to Support Your Manifestor Child’s Homeschooling

Moms, how are we hanging in there?!!

It's ok if you’re drained and exhausted and want to cry...this time is teaching us to deal with our emotions and not hide anymore! Doing right by our kids while they are home and working to teach them is hard!! Together we stand in teaching our kids at home!!👭👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼

I’m so passionate and have so much conviction in saying that our kids are unique, have different learning styles and have different energy blueprints!

No one is a one size fits all and I’m here as a former teacher and now Human Design Reader and Wellness Guide to share some tips to make everyone a little more in alignment with less struggle while working so hard to teach and give your children the best in this crazy time for them.

Today we’ll chat Manifestor Kids❤️

They are the trailblazers!!!

It’s all about helping them embrace their bigness and also allowing them to be BIG.

You may find that your Manifestor child can actually lead the family🤪they are very self directed and need to be encouraged to be this way...of course we need to make sure they are safe, but really choose your battles with them!

Don’t make them shrink down because of your ego😉

They learn to not like to inform others before doing anything because they don’t want to be told they may choose not to eventually 🤦🏻‍♀️talk to them about this and teach them about their energy!

Teach them informing is key😘

Honor them for being unique and work on helping them show up fully as themselves!

Tell me you have a Manifestor child? You can find out for free what Type you and your children are here!

PS: I’m offering something that I feel really called to do! A Masterclass to support your child's schooling for each Type! Click here.

They need us right now and I’m on a mission to help our kids and that starts with you😘

Feel free to share!


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