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How to Support Your Projector Child's Schooling

I've really been enjoying spending this extra time with my kiddos, have you?

It's a lot, don't get me wrong--between parenting, working and schooling them, I can sometimes be seeing triple...but the thing that has allowed me to step back and truly LIVE with more flow is knowing not only my Human Design blueprint but also my kids!

If you have a Projector Child at home, here are some things you can enjoy to make things more memorable:

-recognizing them...these children do best when they learn not only to recognize themselves, but when others recognize them for what they are inherently good at

-giving them alone time...Projectors pick up a ton of energy from those around them and absorb it. It's a lot for them. Giving them their space and time alone allows them to return to their true selves-and this gives you some time alone too!

-learning and fostering in them what they find to be fun. Those things are their natural gifts, the things they become good at without even thinking twice...foster that and have fun doing it!

There's soooo many more cool and needed tidbits that I'd love to share!

Tell me, do you have a Projector Child at home? If not, what Human Design Type do you have? Learn about their energy, help them be who they are meant to be and enjoy this time with them to it's fullest.

I've created a different and epic Masterclass on each Type and how to support their schooling. Check it out and find out what Human Design Type you and your child are here!


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