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How to Support your Reflector Child’s Homeschooling

Moms, I love you!! I am one of you! Together we stand in teaching our kids at home!!👭👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼

I’m so passionate and have so much conviction in saying that our kids are all unique, have different ways of learning and have different energy blueprints!

No one is a one size fits all and I’m here as a former teacher and now Human Design Reader and Wellness Guide to share some tips to make everyone a little more in alignment with less struggle while working so hard to teach and give your children the best in this uneasy time for them.

Today we’ll chat Reflectors Kids❤️

They are the rarest energy type and need a bit of a unique approach!!

Most important thing to do for your Reflector kids is check his/her environment!!! Is she happy and feeling good there (especially where you’re teaching her). They reflect back the energy and if they’re not feeling good, that’s where resistance comes in.

Next, stop pressuring them!!! They are the Type who wants to get it all done and will do all it takes to do that...this will exhaust them.

Tell me you have a Reflector child? You can find out for free what Type you and your children are here!

PS: I’m offering something that I feel really called to do! A Masterclass to support your children’s homeschooling for each Type!! Click here! They need us right now and I’m on a mission to help our kids and that starts with you😘

Reach out for more deets!

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