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Human Design Basics interview for the new, pregnant and current mom

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by a fellow mom and doula who works with new and pregnant moms on how Human Design can help them thrive instead of just surviving.

Human Design is all about how you exchange energy with the outside world to best create alignment in your life versus constantly feeling like you're meeting resistance or feeling as though your energy is off in some way.

Take a watch and of course reach out with any questions or to book a reading. Our deeper conversations on all the Human Design+Self Care+Mindset happen in our private FB community so join now!

When you click "play" you will be linked to the interview.

Kaleih Selan is a birth doula. If you're an expecting mom, her group is a great place to learn more about the magic she offers and to ask her questions! Click here for more info about Kaleigh.

Lots of light, love and purpose,


For more info on where to begin with Human Design, click here.


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