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Human Design for Teachers & Moms

If you would have asked me about Human Design two years ago, I would have went "Huh? Astrology and thanks. That's way too woo for me."

Times have changed!

After suffering massive burn out as a former teacher, mom and business owner, I was at a rock bottom of sorts. I was healthy and fit, but I was being met with so much resistance and struggle...even when I was doing "all the things."

That's when Human Design showed up in my life...and my life shifted.

Awareness of ourselves is the great healer!! When I found out about my energy Type, Strategy and how my energy works with the world, I cried. So began my hunger to learn as much as I possibly could on the topic.

What is Human Design in modern gal terms?

Human Design is a system that shows you your unique energy blueprint and how you're best supposed to exchange energy with the world for the most flow and bliss. Be sure to read my post on Energy to get a quick understanding so this all makes more sense.

When you look at your Human Design Body Graph, think of it as a map of your journey here on earth. In your Body Graph, it reveals your true potential, how you love, how you best make decisions, your life's theme, how to live as your true self, and what your purpose is...all in all, it's your energetic makeup.

As you start to experiment (they say it takes 7 years to do the experiment) with your unique blueprint, you become more aligned with your true's like a huge sigh of relief that your body feels because you're no longer fighting to be someone you're not, and you're leaning in to who you innately are.

"Each and every individual is born with a design that is perfect for them. No one is broken and yet we run around trying to fill up the open places and seek to be what we are not. We all have our own mythology and purpose that we are designed to live out, our own gifts and magic we are here to bring to the world. These will unfold naturally when we are aligned with our mechanics." -Hagins

Crazy, right? I took me a bit to soak this in!!

Human Design has been spot on for everyone I've worked with thus far. As 'out there' as it may sound to you, I invite you to keep an open mind and flow with it.

Human Design was brought forward by a man name Ra Uru Hu in it's fairly new. It was actually created to help our children live their truth with less resistance from the get go. Think of us...we have years and years of being who we are NOT (our not-self) to decondition from...we can help our kids and students to not have to go through that.

The most important part of your chart to start with is your Type and Strategy...if you only take away this one aspect and experiment with've done amazing things for your life. There are 5 energy types and each type has a specific way to use their energy. The Types are Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors.

Your Human Design Type tells you how you're supposed to be exchanging energy with the world around you to get to where you're going in life. Everything in life is an energetic trade.

Use your energy correctly=more flow and bliss

Use your energy incorrectly=resistance and struggle

You can find out your Type and get some more juicy information on Human Design from my Wine and Design Webinar Replay here.(I keep it fun and approachable) You will get a link to go to to input your birth data to find out your type and print your chart. Message me your type...I love learning who my readers are!

So how can we use this information as moms and teachers...OMG, there's so many ways!

When you know your energetic makeup, you can release some of the guilt built up inside of you. For example, I'm a Projector. This means I was not born to using my energy like another Type called a Generator. I am sensitive to other people's energy and am not meant to be busting my butt all day long...I just don't have the energy. If I do...over time I will experience burn out and get sick. This is exactly what happened to me in my 39th year. I was acting as a super Generator my entire adult life and the universe finally said...ENOUGH!! It's normal for me to have to take a nap mid afternoon, or get some alone time to release all the energy I've absorbed from others. So as a mom, I don't feel guilty if I need a release or a's who I am. If you're a Projector teacher and you need a nap when you get guilt! Need to eat lunch in your classroom to just release all that energy and get some alone guilt!

When you start to learn about your Design and then understand that we all fit together perfectly like a puzzle and we all are so unique, you develop more empathy and understanding for others. Maybe the teacher down the hall who can go like an energizer bunny and is bouncing off the wall with excitement while you're over here feeling burnt out has found what lights her up and her unique energy is buzzing. You can release a bit of judgement. Maybe you don't understand why your kid can't make a decision to save his life and then you learn that he's has an Emotional Authority (don't worry, you won't know what this means until you get a crash course or get a reading from me).

When you know your truth, you can set better boundaries and be confident with them! You have a lot of eyes on you...your kids, your students, your parents, the administration-gahhh!!! Always trying to be everything for everyone is exhausting...until you become YOU and own it and kindly set the tone for those around you. #bliss

You can better embrace who you are and create self care practices that actually work for you instead of always falling off the wagon. Maybe you're struggling with anxiety and always feeling like there's so much to do and the pressure to get it done never ends. That could be part of your energetic is mine! I have what's called an open Root center and an open Head...those are two pressure centers in my Design and explain a ton about how I constantly feel the pressure to get it done and then when it's done have to get something else to feel the pressure for. Because I know this, I work on making this work for me in my self care practice daily. In fact, all the open/white areas in my chart are what I work in during self care to create more can too!

It's all so magical and amazing! I always tell my clients...this is simply a tool (among many) that can be used to support you in overcoming the burn out. When we learn to become our own guru and use tools like this to help us activate what's in us, we can feel empowered, successful and much more mindful.

This graphic is EVERYTHING!

Maybe this is the exact tool you need like I do, maybe it's not. You'll never know until you explore it more so definitely check out what I have, and dive in!!

Be sure to join us over in Modern Mom's Retreat: Burnt out to Blissed Out to continue the convo!

Lots of Light, Love and Purpose,



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