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Human Design Gate 19 for Sensitive and Projector Entrepreneurs

Human Design Gate 19 can be so powerful to learn and embody for Sensitive and Projector Entrepreneurs. Human Design Gate 19 is all about being sensitive and tending to your wants and needs. This specific Gate couldn't more aligned for the Sensitive and Human Design Projector Entrepreneurs...even if you don't have this Gate defined, remember that you still embody this gift. It is just that it is not consistent. I don't have this Gate defined but am extremely sensitive and relate so much to this beyoutiful energy!

I hope you do too!

Take time to lean in to this gift in your business my sensitive friends! This post is just an ongoing compilation of notes, chicken scratch and resources that I will add to as I see fit.

To dive deeper, join me here in House of Light, Love and Human Design or book an Intuitive HD Reading.

To learn more just about Gate 19 I invite you to go here.

Human Design Projector Entrepreneur Gate 19 Tips

I love hearing from you. What songs, stories, experiences, movies, characters, etc remind you of this Gate? DM me here!

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