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Human Design is not a magic pill

It is time to unlock your Inner Potential and Feel Empowered with Human Design! No more quitting or getting stuck when using this amazing system!!

Don't you just wish you could look at your Human Design chart, literally touch the part you want to decondition from and boom you're acting as your true self?

Wouldn't that be amazing???

The truth is my beYOUtiful friend...that's not the way it works!

Human Design is not a one and done!! It's not a magic pill!

This is where sooooo many of us forget that we just can't learn it once or just stay in learning mode.

It is a constant and consistent return to the information in your unique chart and then an active devotion to clearing the blocks-daily!

Think of a baby that learns to walk.

She doesn't just go from nothing to's a progression. First they are on their bellies, then rolling, then getting up and maybe scooting, then the crawl, then the stand, then the walk.

Why do we have the audacity to think the process of Human Design is any different??

You are so worthy of taking the time for YOU to step into your purpose and truth!

You are so capable of the work required my friend…

We tend to make it more complicated than it has to be and we tend to go way too fast…

That’s where your Projector guide can help! (ME!)

Some things I have learned through my own bumping up against life:

-have someone or a group of people to bounce your ideas off of

-express and talk about your blocks when it comes to your unique energy

-be vulnerable, share your heart

-trust and lean into your intuition/Authority as a priority

-remember and come back to the experiment every day…they say it takes about 7-8 years of deconditioning to heal (I think it is a lifetime and that’s how I approach it)

This gets to be fun. This gets to be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself!!

Join my House of Light, Love and Human Design if you’re ready to have that community to share, express, talk through and experiment with…this is where the transformation happens!

PS: Have you grabbed your Free Human Design Calendar to help you bust the burnout and do it using Human Design in a focused way? Grab your copy and get updates along the way!


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