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What's it going to take to bring out the change maker in you as a Human Design Projector Entrepreneur?

Do you have a deep desire to make revolutionary changes in the world? What's it going to take for you to get the ball rolling on that to be the change maker you're meant to be as a Human Design Projector or sensitive Entrepreneur?

Human Design Gate 49 is the gift of making change that brings us all to be more compassionate, heart led and peaceful.

As sensitive entrepreneurs, we're being asked to lean into this gift from February 8th-13th (ish) as the sun transits this energy. We can greatly learn about ourselves and how to be successful on our terms in our businesses with this energy then (and all times). Remember, we embody ALL of the Human Design chart but we are consistent and shine our gifts outwardly in the spots that are colored in on bodygraph.

When the sun's transits this energy and if you're around someone who does have Gate 49, we get to all feel it consistently and learn a lot about ourselves when it comes leading yourself and others through tough times.

If you have this Gate defined in your sun or earth, or it is colored two colors in your chart, you really want to make this Gate your curriculum.

When I wrote this up last year (2023) originally, I immediately thought of Canada's Freedom Convoy that took place the year before. I followed that so closely #teamtruckers!! and couldn't help but think of this energy. The leaders, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber truly embody this energy in my opinion. Go look it up and see if you resonate with this energy as well.

They led this peaceful revolution in the name of freedom and standing up or what they believed in. They had conviction that couldn't be broken...

Human Design Gate 49 for Sensitive and Projector Entrepreneurs

This gate's energy is Revolution energy with a passion and conviction that can't be broken.  It's the energy of taking the lead and helping others through the tough times.  Rules are rules with this energy and it is about altruism and believing in what's right for the greater good and leading unshakeably with this energy...

As a catalyst it's about not staying and holding on longer than what is healthy and not quitting too soon...

The energy is here to inspire others...while not comprimising your own value and while making sure your agreements are being upheld.  

This energy is about being an advocate that creates harmony in what she/he believes in.

To dive deeper and learn more get my Gate 49 workshop here.

As a sensitive Projector, do you forgive your past and tell your personal narrative in an uplifting an empowering way? Can you turn the struggles and pains of others (that you know based on the secrets they tell you) and not wear it but instead process and turn it into wisdom and guidance the world can learn from?

I'd love to hear from you! Connect on my IG here to share.



To become beYOUtifully self aware and gain massive clarity in your business and life as a sensitive and/or Projector to achieve the success you so rightfully are worthy of, I invite you to learn more about my in depth Intuitive Human Design Readings here.


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