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I’m willing to see things differently.

This weekend for all of us was...all the emotions. Shock. Anger. Vulnerability. Shame. Fear.

I needed some time away to sort through it all...Some time to go within and pray.

A Course in Miracles is my go to when I start feeling anything other than love and I turn to many of my favorite people for words of wisdom. Marianne Williamson, Gabby Bernstein, Glennon Doyle, Brene Brown, Oprah...

What kept coming through to me is “I’m willing to see things differently.”

Learn more about why this has helped me so much and how I’m tweaking my self care practice.

I am learning as I go and I am sharing my truth...each and every day I show up to change, I learn something more and I'm willing to call myself as I learn more.

Since this video, I have learned that I change my mind about saying we're all one...I'm learning that that's the same thing as saying "I don't see color" and I apologize.

Again, I want to learn. I want to show up and be better. We must be willing to know that the person we are today will be different than the person tomorrow. Our truths and beliefs will shift for the better.

Resources that I'm working my way through one day at a time:

I would love to hear from you...what resources are you learning from?


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