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Is the Ascension Academy worth it?

I had the opportunity to learn from Brianna Rose, creator of the Ascension Academy...listen to my full review here!

Since this video, I have gone through the course 2 more times as I have evolved from taking the course...amazing right? I've never been in a course that has inspired me to truly let my light shine as much as this one! I am so grateful!

As I am now in the beginning phases of launching my new program, Brianna's teachings have allowed me to make sure what I am putting out into the world is energetically aligned with my Projector energy and fun! I have full confidence in what I'm doing to make an impact on this planet and this course has given me the wings to fly!

If you're at all ready to move forward in your business from light worker to light leader, I highly suggest you set up a call with Brianna so she can lovingly share all the details of this amazing experience!

Because I am obsessed with the Ascension Academy, I am an affiliate for the course. I am offering anyone who enrolls in Brianna's course through me a spot in my brand new 'This is Me' Activation!!! These two programs beautifully mesh and you could consider mine the first aspect to truly getting the most out of the Ascension Academy! Click here to set up a call with Brianna!

Please reach out to me with any questions! I am happy to answer and share more!


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