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Living out my purpose as a sensitive entrepreneur...reflections from Kelly

Living purpose driven as a sensitive entrepreneur

I have gone 10+ years living out my purpose as a sensitive online entrepreneur without quitting on myself. I've remained imperfectly unwavering on my path...the path less traveled. I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's a bear. It's hard. It's rough. It's beYOUtiful. I get to heal and meet each roadblock with love and truth. I get to face my fears and prove my limiting beliefs wrong...

Moment by moment stepping more into my purpose and what I am here to do. With each step, another door opens and many close.

With each up level...some have questioned my choices and were completely confused on what I am doing.

We are taught we need to find our purpose and that the "prize" is at the end of the journey. We are taught to follow the strategies. Follow the path laid out. Purpose led entrepreneurship must be done "this way".

I beg to differ. Purpose is now. Purpose is happening in the the trials and tribulations of every day life. There's beYOUty and success in the becoming and unbecoming. That is living out your purpose. We can't just want to find our purpose.

There's a difference. There are many purpose led women out there who are afraid to death to BE unique and follow their path. They know they have a purpose but to actually live it out, risk it all and be different??? Whew that is scary. This leaves many frozen with their nervous systems taking a they quit. They believe what their mind is telling them. They run from the discomfort instead of right into it. They get right back in line with the rest of the world following suit and put their head down...

Only to be faced with resistance again

and again

and again...

Which is easier?

Living a life following your own purpose while defying the norm or living a life spelled out by everyone else (conditioned and lacking beYOUty)?

I choose the first. I am a rebel. A sensitive rebel...who is after her healthy revenge I guess you could say.

With each day I trust my intuition. I get even humbler. I lead with my own unique energy roadmap.

I slow down and heal all the stuff that comes up along the way...that is true success. I find the beYOUty in the hard. in the unbecoming. I find the success right when the invitations and goals are met I am not left thinking, "What's next? I need more? This isn't what I thought."

This is what allows me to be unwavering in my purpose.

I am here to serve from a place of wisdom, trial and error and my own learnings. I am here to guide my sensitive soul led women to go from just living purpose led to actually living out their purpose while being unwavering in their own greatness.

Cheers to our growth, light, love + purpose....while unwaveringly infusing it into our businesses.

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