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What exactly is Breathwork?

What is Breathwork?

The breath is a powerful and underutilized tool for so many of us in healing and tuning into our body.

Breathwork is an umbrella term like fitness. There are many types of breathwork out there and it’s up to us to explore and feel out what works best for us…we are all energetically unique and therefore need to make our breathwork practice as unique.

I always like to say, explore, tune in and collect in your self care toolbelt the ones that speak to you. As time goes by and you evolve, you may find your breathwork practice does as well.

Breathwork is an active form of breathing. It brings a sense of awareness to you and your body. Not only does breathwork help calm the nervous system, but it can also be used to strengthen your immune system, gain clarity, relaxation, balance and energy activation. It also alkalizes the body and frees trapped emotions that get lodged inside of us throughout life and our unique experiences.

Breathwork is a practice that supports us physically, mentally and emotionally. When we let the breathwork take the lead and allow it to guide us, breakthroughs and shifts begin to happen. We realize we do have a place in this world and that we are so worthy of our desires.

Tune in. Breathe. Heal. Release. Shift into your next best self.

Side effects include more joy, more mindfulness in the present, more truth and purpose.

There are some things to note when you’re doing the specific kind of breathwork I coach you on.

Some things that may happen with conscious connected breathing to take note of:

Breathwork is completely safe but some unusual things may occur during your practice. Tetany is the most common and this is a cramping of your hands towards your heart. It can happen when you're forcing out your breath too much. If it does occur, don’t worry, it will pass usually within 15 minutes. A tip is to soften the exhale and know that this can be a release of unconscious stuff that wants to come to the surface to heal.

Crying and emotions may come to the surface...totally normal and a good thing! That means it’s may not happen at all or all the time, but know that you’re working on healing and this can occur. Some days this will happen right away or during your session, and other days you may feel joy, or another emotion. Everyday is different and every experience will bring different emotions. Whatever experience you’re meant to have will happen for you.

Is this something for everyone?

While it is safe, I don’t recommend or suggest breathwork to pregnant women. You should also consult your physician if you have high blood pressure, depression, kidney disease, panic attacks, and asthma. When in doubt...always choose consulting a doctor first.

Breathwork is a practice that works best with get to choose the duration and amount per week you do your breathwork practice. I, myself, like to do about 10-15 minutes daily. During a live session, the class usually lasts around 40-45 minutes.

Breathwork is not for everyone, but if you’re open and into this form of healing, it can change your life on all levels!

A waiver MUST be signed in order to take my class. Click here for more information.


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