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Miss Americana inspired Taylor Swift Human Design Story

Hey ladies!

I decided to take a self care Friday and watch some Taylor Swift(: I consider myself a modern mom-haha! I may be 40 but I love to keep up with what's going on in entertainment.

I watched Miss Americana and I have to say...Taylor Swift is just beginning! I hope she realizes this and does the inner work to create that strong inner self that is so needed for what she does.

Watch my live review of Taylor's Human Design story based on her birthday and energy.

Tell me you follow Taylor? Does this sound about right to you?


Type: Manifesting Generator

Strategy: To respond

Not Self: frustration and anger

Signature: Satisfaction

How does she best make decisions? Using her gut response (Sacral) and riding her emotional wave on top of waiting to make a decision by going through a high and low of her emotions and making the decision in a neutral emotion.

There's a ton more to her Human Design so watch the video. If you're curious to know your Type, click here to find out. Comment below what your Type is!

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Comment below if you have any questions about the video or Human Design!

Lots of light, love and purpose,


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