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Peace out to the Cookie Cutter Mom

Hey Modern Mom...

We are not all built the same✌🏻that cookie cutter way of living where everyone does A+B and it automatically equals C doesn’t work...for my parenting and life anyways😉!

That’s why Human Design has been such a huge tool in my tool belt in ‘waking up’👏🏻and owning who I truly am without feeling badly about it!

I’m a proud Projector...but I was living my life acting like a super Generator🙈!! ((You can take my intro course to find out what Type you are and to get an insight into what your chart means.))

Ya see, Generators can werrrrkkkk...they have energy to do so! My entire family is Generators and Manifesting Generators🤔and here sits me😂trying to take on life in the same way🤷🏼‍♀️I was totally unaligned and forcing myself to be like them and other Generator moms.

The true and beautiful P̤̮R̤̮O̤̮J̤̮E̤̮C̤̮T̤̮O̤̮R̤̮ realizes that working her tail off until burnout and M⃒A⃒K⃒I⃒N⃒G⃒ things happen ain’t gonna cut it. The more I take care of myself like it’s my job, learn to value my worth, rest and follow my bliss while I’m waiting for the big invitations...the more abundance I create in my life. That's unique to me and so not the cookie cutter way.

When Projectors can do this...not only do they transform, but the world around them transforms too.

Gahh ain’t it all just so interesting!?🤩We are all gifted and here for a purpose...when we start to learn how to use our energy and make decisions, life becomes less of a struggle and more of a flow...this includes motherhood🧘🏼‍♀️💕I’m all about that😍

I invite you to get your chart and start working with it!! Where are you unique? Where are you not being yourself and conditioned to the outside world?

When you work with me, I create and tell you your Human Design story and then give you action steps on deconditioning from all that doesn't serve you! The action includes self care, mindset and mindful movement along with my guidance and coaching. This is where lasting change occurs. This is where the beautiful you comes home and the lost and burnt out you no longer exists.

If this is totally speaking to you and you KNOW that you are no cookie cutter mom, but you just don't know how to get out of the rut, let's chat!

I get you. I love you. I'm here to guide you!

Lots of Light, Love and Purpose,



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