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Remember this MOST as an Empathic Entrepreneur

You're an empath and highly sensitive...

Empathic Entrepreneur Highly Sensitive

You now you're here to contribute and serve and for YOU entrepreneurship is the best spiritual path to do just're an empathic entrepreneur who needs to remember what I am about to say most.

This path of entrepreneurship works so you can live an authentic life on purpose to make impact and BE fulfilled all while supporting your family and visions of a beYOUtiful life.


Dang is it hard. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It's overwhelming, a roller coaster, not what you's cracking you open, it's lonely, it's shining a bright freaking light on old wounds, it's draining and it is all consuming. (all of this on a bad day)


OMG is it fulfilling AF? It gives you life, it's an extension of you, it's your baby, its fun and rewarding and

beYOUtiful when you actually slow down and have these breakthroughs after the storms.

You're not alone if you so desperately want to get "there".

You're not alone if you want to see SUCCESS.

You're not alone if you want to lead with light and do good in this world in your own unique way that no one else understands.

You're not alone if you want to put your gifts to use on this planet.

You're also not alone if right now it is just not happening and you feel like you're constantly on to the next thing that is going to save you and fix the "problems" of your biz. If you think there's something wrong with you when you try all the other strategies unsuccessfully while you compare, doubt and beat yourself are not alone.


but your body is physically, mentally and emotionally speaking to you and it feels like you're on your last straw. The ups and downs and overwhelm has become a way of life...

Getting a cake job is starting to look very attractive...

but your intuition lovingly whispers back..."girl, is that you stepping into your beYOUty?"

Damn she's always right(:

And here you highly sensitive badass...knowing the world needs your gifts, knowing you haven't come this far to only go this far...

and you just need a sign to keep going!!!!

This is your owl, this is your quarter, your bee, your penny (whatever your sign is). This is it!

Empathic Entrepreneur

The answer lies in finding beYOUty right now in your process. Right now in your biz journey. There's massive meaning + success NOW...stop missing it. Stop bulldozing through and realize it's here now.

Stop chasing.

You're here to find beYOUty in the BEing and BEcoming in this very moment...and I believe in you and I know you can. Just keep going.

With love,



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