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Snow globes, chaos and you!

I just went LIVE on something that will hit home for you, modern mom!

We were cleaning out old toys and found a Santa snow globe we forgot to pack away.

It reminded my of what I tell my clients about your brain and this snow globe...

Watch here:

Tell me, do you feel what I’m talking about?

What stood out and hit home for you??

I want to hear from you!!

If you’re stuck, feeling like you have lost your zest and are at a point where the straw is breaking the camel’s back (or you know it’s coming)...

Learn more about my 6 week program RECLAIM!! I have five spots available for the women who are ready to shift, become their own guru and do the inner work required to transform❤️Reach out!!

Lots of light, love and purpose today and always!


PS: there is no better time than now to start meditating and committing to doing the inner work...what you lay as the groundwork during quarantine can help for the rest of your life.


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