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Social Media Marketing that's more sustainable for the Projector Entrepreneur

Sustainable Social Media for the Human Design Projector

Hello to my fellow Projector Entrepreneur! This isn't a "how to" blog post or me writing that I have all the answers. This is a post to support you in reframing the way you currently view your path when it comes to social media marketing. My big bold thought currently? Social media marketing for the Projector Entrepreneur NEEDS to look and feel different if you want to build a sustainable business. I must be based on your energy and intuition.

I am an Intuitive wellBEing Guide to Projector Entrepreneurs and let me tell you...what a roller coaster it has been to navigate the social media world for the last ten years in business. But--I am still standing while others have not been able to build a sustainable I have some experience and bold things to say here.

Bottom line...just because the courses and Instagram "experts" are telling us we have to do social media marketing a certain way, doesn't mean it's the answer for us.

I have taken more social media courses, programs and classes than I care to admit over the last ten years and I am really really great at following the rules, strategies and techniques taught to me...

So why do I still suck when it comes to marketing on Instagram???

Through BEing in my Human Design experiment and living on my growth path, I've come to realize that over and over again, I have believed that I need social media and daily social posting and visibility to BE successful?

My rule following brain couldn't fathom any other perspective...until it could.

This belief has been so ingrained in me that it pretty much ran my business for many many years!! What I mean by this is, my emotional state and view of my business all stemmed back to if I posted that day, how many people viewed or responded and if anyone reached out to me. My emotional state wavered and I felt good and accomplished if I batch created posts for the week, if I was consistent with posting and if I followed the gurus.

And if I didn't do the "social media musts"...I considered myself a failure. I truly felt I would never be successful in business many days because of my perspective of social media and building an online business. My emotional exhaustion came from this idea that I needed to have a social media strategy.

It was a cycle...kind of like dieting. I'd start again on Monday. Yeah, Monday I will start being consistent. But Monday would come around and I'd start strong and by Thursday, even when I had a planned post, I just couldn't do it. I didn't have the want or the energy to post.

Not to my line of coaching, mentoring and healing-I really don't have a lot of faith in mainstream media and see how it really contributes to my clients' mental and emotional states. Yet, I still felt like I must be on it.

I focused more on social media marketing than I did on my actual gifts and business!!! It ruled my thoughts and beliefs on what it would take to "make it" in entrepreneurship.

All stemming from that belief that consistent social media was the only way as an online entrepreneur.

I've finally felt and know the truth for ME-that's is complete bull shit!!!! If the energy is's probably not for you.

Recently I really started paying attention to my energy and my truth on this. I am sensitive. I am a Projector. I am an Enneagram 9. I am inconsistent in my Human Design (advanced Human Design arrows talk). My energy has been speaking to me the entire time and I just didn't listen...or I just wasn't ready for the truth. I believe the 2nd.

The truth is social media drains me. I believe it is a double edged sword and as a sensitive, we are on a slippery slope when it comes to social media scrolling AND marketing.

"They" want us addicted. "They" want us on the IG app. No shame or finger pointing to the IG experts, but their formulas are based on their energy and the fact that they are promoting their own work on social's a mad cycle.

The truth is, we don't have to post on social to have success. We don't have to post consistently. We don't have to batch. We don't have to use trending audio and reels. We don't have to spill our soul and learn all the marketing tactics to be successful.

We don't have to do any of it...but what we do have to do as sensitive and/or Projector Entrepreneurs is slow down enough to listen and feel into our own bodies including our mindset and emotions when it comes to sustainable marketing.

And that's just what I've been doing since January 1, 2024. I post when I am inspired and don't when I am not. I don't stop everything to post at the ideal time. I don't over think it.

The freedom and clarity I've felt from releasing the expectations has been the real deal!!

I realized that when I envision my future Projector self in business five years from now and ten years from I really want to be tied to my phone? Do I really want to be batch creating posts and making sure to comment and be in my stories and figure out the always changing algorithm?? OMG that makes me want to puke in my mouth!!

That is not freedom to me...but this is just me and you have to figure out your beYOUtyful sweet spot too!

So what am I doing currently? What is my sweet spot?

I keep leaning into my Human Design...

I keep trialing and erroring...

I keep leading with my intuition and listening to my energy each and every day for this...with permission to constantly shift.

I use writing...I noticed I actually get energy from being here on my site "blogging".

I use Pinterest...I noticed I get to be creative and tap into those juices and I have always loved Pinterest

I use email...this is one I am working through. I realize that my audience needs to be a bit narrower and I just have to have the courage to solely speak to sensitives. I am not fully "there" yet but leaning in.

When I want, I will post on IG. When I want, I will story tell on just can't be the main event because it exhausts me and takes me away from my true gifts if I think and believe it has to be consistent.

So if you have a love/hate relationship with social media right now as a sensitive and/or Projector...what if you allowed a perspective shift and rewired some outdated beliefs you're being fed from social media and the people who are promoting their own work that has to do with social media?

I'd love to hear from you? What do you struggle with in social media marketing? Do you believe you need Social? Why? Why not? What stories and people have you been following that actually don't support your energy? Is what you're doing sustainable as a sensitive and/or Projector? What rules to you dreadfully follow even though you despise it?

Side note on this as you wake up and start on social media and end the night on social media? Is the algorithm what you've been focusing on more than your actual work and gifts?

Sustainable social media is my theme this year...I'm done believing the strategies like you have to post daily, you have to comment on 5 people in your niche, you have to reply to every comment and respond ASAP to all messages at all hours of the day. Done.

I've been paving a new way and I can support you in doing the same as a Projector Entrepreneur.

You're amazing! Keep going!



Kelly Joseph Intuitive wellBEing Guide to Human Design Projectors

PS: Desire to become beYOUtifully self aware so you can actually discern what is actually correct for you when it comes to sustainable marketing and entrepreneurship? My Intuitive Human Design Reading is a great first step. Click here to learn more.

PPS: Be sure you've grabbed your chart here so you can tap into your true beYOUty.


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