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The day after Mother’s Day and beyond challenge

Truth talk about the day after Mother’s Day! Mamas you need to hear this!!

I always meditate and ask the universe to help me share what would help and delight my strong mom friends and this is what came through!

Do you only think you deserve on Mother's Day? Feeling let down the day after? This is a must watch...

Here is my list:

I couldn’t have asked for a better day even despite the imperfections.

But why can’t we claim this every day???

I challenge you to ask the questions. Claim your days and remember, no one is going to come saving you from bitterness other than yourself and of course an expert guide to help you through to ask the right questions and pull out the love and light within you!!

For the deeper conversation, join our community and for the massive transformation, reach out to me to work together whether that’s through and Human Design Activation Reading or high level 1:1 coaching! That’s where the epic magic happens!!

Lots of love, light and purpose,


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