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The most empowering thing you can do as a Projector Entrepreneur

The most empowering thing you can do as a Projector Entrepreneur

Oh girl...have I got THE post for you today...this will change everything in your biz as a Projector and/or Sensitive Entrepreneur. It may not seem so empowering (or powerful for that matter), but when you actually understand and embody this one is the most transformative thing you can do!

Drum rollllllllll...


Ok hear me out because I am sure you're like yeah, yeah, yeah...

I heard this in one of my many courses I've taken and it hit home. I remembered it and I listened.

When it comes to being human (and for this post being an entrepreneurs...

There are challenges and many choices.

Making decisions, trusting your intuition and listening to the signs are EVERYTHING!! We get the opportunity to list through:

  1. Feathers

  2. Bricks

  3. Mack Trucks

When we are truly listening to our intuition and those little niggles inside of us, we will receive little feather taps if you will. A little niggle here and then there. A tickle on the nose to get your attention and get you to listen.

If you're take note and realign. Feather represent small, little nudges or feelings. Maybe it's a whisper from your intuition. They may seem questionable or insignificant on their own like a sense that something or someone isn't right OR this expansive giggly feeling inside when an opportunity comes along. This could also look like a fleeting thought about an old friend and to reach out.

If you don't listen and don't trust...bricks come next.

God has a way of getting your attention for you to listen and most often the feather won't do it (unless you spend your life sharpening your intuition like myself most times but not all). So then God throws a brick through your window so to speak. Yes, this will get your attention...and sometimes it is enough. Sometimes it will give you the opportunity to realign for a little. The brick will ruffle your feathers. You'll have to clean up the mess. You'll be on edge and aware for a little...that may be enough.

Bricks signify more noticeable, impactful intuitive messages. Your intuition speaks louder guiding you to a sense of certainty. Maybe this is a strong gut feeling or very clear sense of knowing that is guiding you. Maybe it's form or resistance when working on something that really gets your attention. Maybe you're interviewing a future client and you have a strong confident feeling that it is just not the right fit.

But if you're not continuing to listen and don't make the important shifts you're here to make on the planet this time around...God will help you again to get your attention. This is when the mack truck hits your car.


This can change your life so drastically...maybe its even a rock bottom that you MUST change. You must listen. This is a gift, though at the time it may feel and seem like the worst thing that has happened to you...but it got your attention and you will NEVER go back after this.

Mack trucks are more rare and extremely powerful signs that just can't be ignored. It's the wake up call. It's the last straw that demands your attention that will most definitely lead to transformation. This could be an overwhelming feeling of danger, a sickness that hits or something so challenging that occurs in your business with a partner.

In my own life, I have had this happen in many areas from relationships, purpose, mentally and even physically.

Many times the mack truck has hit me physically because I am emotional and highly sensitive. I tend to wear not only my own stuff but others stuff as well. I've transformed a ton on this since the "mack truck" hit me.

The most empowering thing you can do as a Projector Entrepreneur

Back in 2018 was when I had my first awakening and it seemed like the worst thing that ever happened to me at that time of my life. Out of nowhere (that's what I thought) I got a severe ear infection and then POP! developed tinnitus while losing some hearing in my right ear.

This mack truck rocked me so was the straw that broke the camel's back. I always would explain it to others like that...because I knew that there were lots of signs along the way to slow down, to stop comparing, to do something about the overwhelm and to pave my own way. I just chose not to listen. Feathers and bricks.

It was so life shattering to me because prior to that, I had spent the past five years getting the healthiest I had ever been. I checked all the boxes of health...super in shape, eating the cleanest ever, running my own business....

HOW??? I thought I was doing everything right. I was following the rules that everyone out there set out for me. I was hustling like they told me to. I was grinding now because I could always "sleep when I'm dead"...wasn't that the way? I wore that badge of busy so proudly.

But looking back, there were a ton of feathers and bricks that I chose not to listen to...

If that mack truck didn't hit me...gosh, I don't know where I'd be right now. Divorced? Shackled by everyone else's version of success? Working for someone else? Sick and tired all the time?

It was the biggest blessing in my life because that mack truck finally got me to LISTEN!!!!!!

It led me on a growth path so big and so healing. Since then I've discovered that I am a healer. I am massively intuitive and most importantly...I am so so so so worthy of living a life on my terms using my intuition to listen.

The mack truck from god got my attention that the feather and brick wouldn't have.

So I ask all these areas of your life:









Are you experiencing any feather tickles? Where can you listen better?

Are you experiencing any bricks? Are you continuing on the growth path to sharpen those listening skills?

Are you experiencing any mack trucks? How can you use this rock bottom as a gift? Where is the gift in all of this?

God/Source or whatever you want to call it wants to see you succeed and fulfill your soul purpose here on this planet right now. He's going to help you do this.

Take this opportunity right now to remember to listen.

Start to sharpen your intuition and learn about what makes you YOU. When you know yourself, you trust yourself more. You set bigger boundaries. You claim your worth.

Do it or your future self my friend.

Lots of light, love and purpose,


The most empowering thing you can do as a Projector Entrepreneur

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