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'This is Me' Activation time!

You are shifting, modern girl...

You’re realizing life is short and that lack of passion, purpose and truth just aren’t cutting it anymore. The ongoing pressure to “get there” can’t take it anymore.

That nudge. That desire to live more authentically. That vision to heal. Those goals.

You’re feeling burnt out. Like know one cares about your needs. Unheard. Lost. Frustrated. Bitter. Angry.

Let’s Realign. Breathe. Embody Self-Love and take Action! You’re meant to radiate girl! You’re meant to be happy, live joyfully and to remember who you are!

This is Me Experience Features:

You’re very own detailed Human Design E-guide detailing your Human Design Type, Authority, Profile and more. This is your energetic blueprint to how you operate in this world. It combines modern science and ancient wisdom. The E-guide reveals your true purpose, and truth. You’ll (re)learn how to best make decisions and how to show up in the world authentically.

Realignment session-this is where as a group, we come together! The realignment session is where a group of 1-6 of us will show up on a group call to dive deeper into your Type {{Group sessions may sound uncomfortable, but it wasn’t until I experienced a group session with my coach that I fully understood the power of a group….so impactful when you can learn from others and learn you’re not alone}} I will lead the call and each person will have 15-20 minutes to ask their burning questions based on their unique E-guide. The group session is recorded and it’s recommended that you go back and listen.

Exclusive Facebook Group where we continue to dive deep. This group is ONLY for those that have had an E-guide created by me. As your Wellness Guide, it’s really important for me to empower you to keep learning and growing and experimenting with your Human Design. All the work doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience and testing. It requires learning and failing. It requires looking at your true self and getting real. It requires building your tribe. The group is where I will host Live Q&A calls, answer questions as you experiment with your Human Design, deliver resources and tools to help make the necessary shifts, and support you in taking massive action towards your true purpose and truth.

This is Me Project is perfect for you if…

-you’ve had some major changes in your life and feel lost

-you’re in need of healing

-you’re feeling frustrated in your current situation-career, family, relationships, health

-you are always asking “what if”, saying “I should” and allowing fear to run the show

-you’re becoming more spiritual

-you know love is the answer to it all, but don’t know how to take action towards a more radiant, abundant and heart centered life

-you open minded, solution based and are coachable

Make sure you've taken my free Intro into Human Design Course and have joined our free community to find out all the juicy details as to when this experience launches!


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