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Understanding YOU as an empathic to nurture your sensitivity in your online business

empathic entrepreneur in her online business working

Hey beYOUtiful and fellow sensitive entrepreneur!

I am so happy you're here! You're sensitive, maybe you're a Human Design Projector or sensitive Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor or Reflector. Where you're white in your Human Design Chart is actually where you hold empathic energy. Even if you don't know what Human Design Type you are (yet) know you're here to serve and shine your light as an business owner...but holy wow it's been a roller coaster!! So let's understand YOU as an empathic entrepreneur and learn some tips to nurture your sensitive online business.

Maybe you feel like your sensitivity has caused you to quit and restart, emotionally get drained, burn out or question if you're really here to share your gifts.

I have been through all of this sweet friend! I've been in business since 2012 and I am still standing as an online entrepreneur.

One thing I know for sure is that YOU are meant to shine your light and share your gifts...but it can't be the way mainstream media and some masculine courses are teaching you.

You're sensitive. This is your strength. But ya have to know how to work WITH that sensitivity. We need all sensitive empathic women on board right now...the world needs us!

The Truth we can't deny...

At the heart of our businesses lies must or it's like we're hiding who we are – this is our guiding light that fosters genuine connections, understanding, and transformation. Don't ever deny this part of you and your business.

In the world of business, our empathy expands beyond mere understanding; it's the key to truly grasping the needs and emotions of our clients, team members, and peers. As empathic entrepreneurs, we have the incredible opportunity to embody this understanding so we can innovate, create products and services that genuinely resonate, and build nurturing, supportive work environments. The world needs us right now. How well do you understand this sensitivity? I invite you to keep learning about YOU using Human Design and other tools.

Are you denying this sensitivity or closing it down? Permission to break out of the box and come back out!

Embracing being an empath means blending business savvy with self awareness including emotional intelligence, sensitive wellBEing tools and action that feels aligned not forced. This paves the way for deeper, more meaningful impact in our journey and the communities we serve. As we go on this journey of empathic entrepreneurship, I want you to feel hope, meaning and possibility...because that's the truth of our journey if we decide it to be.

As empathic entrepreneurs, we have warmth, understanding and can truly and genuinely connect. We can pick up on the subtle nuances of others' emotions...and THIS helps us build meaningful relationships, understand our customers on a deeper level (maybe even more than they know themselves) and allows us to navigate this complex entrepreneurship journey with beYOUty, grace and compassion.

We need to celebrate our empathy and sensitivity every day in our businesses!! The world is hungry for us women that can listen, understand and hold space. Do you celebrate daily?

When we finally step into our sensitive/empathic ways, we become our true authentic self...which takes a lot less energy being drained. We also infuse our businesses with hope, promise and transformation.

Are you allowing yourself to be open and trusting? Do you understand others and yourself in your business or have you boarded those positive traits tightly up due to challenge and painful events?

I am inviting you to being the healing journey back to your beYOUtiful self. Let the true YOU come home.

empathic entrepreneur working in her online business

That's how we make the positive impact we're here to make. Lead first...imperfectly.

As sensitive entrepreneurs, we possess a remarkable superpower – the ability to navigate challenges with grace, resilience, and a deep understanding of the human experience. Our sensitivity is not a weakness, but a wellspring of strength that enables us to approach obstacles with empathy, creativity, and a genuine concern for the well-being of ourselves and those around us.

In facing the ebb and flow of entrepreneurship, we find that our sensitivity becomes like a compass, guiding us through turbulent waters with unwavering hope and optimism.

Some tips from one empathic entrepreneur to the next:

-Rather than viewing challenges as insurmountable barriers, embrace them as opportunities for growth, innovation, and connection.

-Use your empathic nature as the guide to chart a course through uncertainty, emerging stronger and more compassionate with each twist and turn...we empower other empaths when we do this first.

-Make your empathic gifts the cornerstone of your business strategy, guiding you to create products and services that speak directly to the hearts and minds of our audience.

-Build a business that puts your and your wellBEing first always.

As empathic entrepreneurs, we are at the forefront of a transformative movement, where our empathy serves the world and contributes to positive change.

By navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship with grace, leveraging our sensitivity and empathy to drive sustainable success, and cultivating a culture of empathy within our teams and communities, we emerge as beacons of hope and inspiration in an ever-evolving pursuit.

It's time for us all to lean in to our sensitive businesses together with pride! I invite you to lean in first with learning how your energy works and what your truly here to gift the world. Grab your free Human Design Chart to open the door to how amazing you truly are!

So much love,


Kelly Joseph Human Design Projector in Online Business

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