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The day the Kellvolution began

It was a normal Sunday in the Joseph household. Kids playing. Husband prepping food. Mom working out and cleaning.

Jake and I were preparing for our noon playdate with his class buddy.

We got to his friend's house and I was kindly greeted by his mom and the kids played as the parents chatted. Suddenly a sudden pain began in my ear that would not stop.

We were driving home and by this point it was excruciating...and pop.

That was it.

The ringing hasn't stopped since and I still am dealing with sudden sensorineural hearing loss.

How could this happen?? How could this happen to me...a fit and healthy woman who takes care of herself, who values health, who does all the right things.

That day I lost so much...and thank god I did~because without that struggle, I wouldn't have begun my true path to self love, healing on a new level, and consciousness.

My life has changed so much since much it's crazy. I no longer am fueled by the same things that fueled me before. I began my spiritual journey and I'm so grateful for all the challenges along the way.

I've been extremely MIA on social media lately and I appreciate those that checked in. I'm figuring out how to show back up again in a way that truly represents thanks for giving me this space.

So what have I been up to since day 1 of the Kellvolution?

Massive shifts, breakthroughs and healing beyond my wildest imagination...

I began by enrolling in Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass and also reading books like Like Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell. That led me to an amazing deck of cards by the Darling Tree that shifted everything even more.

I kept pulling the same card...SURRENDER CONTROL

Haha...what do you mean surrender??? I am, I am I would say. Oh heck no I wasn't. I wanted control on everything...the universe had other plans.

At one point I pulled a card that said work in my inner Shakti...come again? Of course I had to google it...and I took another huge shift in my journey.

I learned that I have been living a massively masculine (Shiva) existence...this ear thing was the final wake up call, yup Kell-if you don't surrender, we are going to make you listen (no pun intended).

I began my path learning about the feminine side (Shakti) and how I had it all wrong...I thought embracing the feminine meant wearing dresses and heels, having my nails done and being into unicorns--none of which I am all about.

Stay tuned for more posts on this but let's continue on the Kellvolution shall we?

Because I had Shakti on the brain, it wasn't surprising that Brianna Rose popped up on my Instagram talking about some Kundalini yoga thing...of course I never heard of it but the word Shakti was in her description, so the good student I am took note.

She was speaking right to me in her every darn day.

Finally I surrendered and enrolled in her Kundalini Business Coach training...Absa-freaking-lutely Amazing!! It changed my life and my trajectory.

I began deconditioning all that I thought was true and right. I began to shift my hustle mentality closer to flow. And I began my love for Kundalini. I didn't find definitely found me.

It's the craziest thing I've ever done yet it empowers me and make me unpeel all the layers of my being more than anything else I've done.

That's how it all started...

Since Brianna's course I've worked with coaches on energy heeling, finding my inner truth, and learning how to trust my intuition.

I've discovered that not only do I love Kundalini Yoga (I am getting YTT in May-December), but I love Human Design and the Gene Keys (I even got certified to do sessions), I love energy work, I love learning about the Divine Feminine (I know this is going to somehow mesh into my biz too) and I love LOVE and believe returning back to love is the key to healing.

So since October when my coach Jenna Smith urged me to take some time to heal and that my JOB right now is healing...I've been doing just that.

It hasn't been easy. I've gone through a lot of emotions and ups and downs and health issues...but I am still here and I am loving the new me that is brewing. Right now she's still transforming on a massive level though.

One thing that my intuition is telling me right now...SHARE MY VOICE. SHARE MY TRUTH.

Despite how scared I am to do this. I know it's part of my healing path and I know it will help so many others as well.

So the Kellvolution continues and I am ready to start shining my light. I am a light worker, a healer and am proud of my journey.


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