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What does a Projector invite really mean?

Hey Modern Mom!

I am excited to share with you in this video what it really means to be invited if you are a Human Design Projector.

Often times Projectors feel unheard and unrecognized for their wisdom...this can lead to bitterness. I've been there many a time!

When I learned and practiced how to use my energy correctly, the game changed. I no longer just offer my advice and I value myself more than ever.

This video is going to help you so much when it comes to navigating your invites. Speaking of navigating, I invite you to join my free 3 part series called Navigating Your Projector Wellness where I will really dive deep into what it means to be a Projector and how to align your wellness a bit more.

Click here to join!

I'd love to hear from you...does this video help?

Lots of light, love and purpose,



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