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You must save yourself in your sensitive and/or Projector one else will

No one is going to save you my love…you can only take radical responsibility to save yourself when it comes to life and your sensitive and/or Projector business.


I say this with so much love and wisdom…


We're taught that something outside of ourselves, someone outside ourselves is going to be the thing that saves us…it's just not true, the journey of being a human on this planet is coming home to yourself and being the very thing you expected and thought someone else was going to do for you-be that SAVIOR for yourself, no attachment, no expectations from out there.


Gulp-I still still struggle with this especially with my husband.  Jeff is a 5/1 Generator and in a nutshell-those with a 5 have this save the day energy. I really do feel like when I am in the low of my emotional wave, that somehow he can save my day!!!  


I had to dig deep this weekend and do the work and it was uncomfortable…but I sat with it and I had a major breakthrough on the other side.


Projector Entrepreneur

Here's what I realized-I created a story that “He's just not supportive. He doesn't value the work I do." This story had been my narrative since I began Human Design 6 years ago---gulp.  This story had been a filter over my career alllll this time and it has really been a hurtful topic and one I often avoided because I just didn't want to deal with it.


Well…I hit a breaking point this weekend. Something happened that pissed me off-haha. I had to get real with myself. Is this story serving me? Why am I allowing it to play on repeat?  Why do I think he's going to save the day?  I must heal this and save my own freaking day!!


So I began.  It's a process.  I got it all down. I asked the questions to go deeper, and I got to the root…I am not supporting ME. I am not valuing the work I do…he's just the mirror. 




So I am creating a path.  The work I must do on the daily to start to create new neural pathways in my brain to break the habit of blaming him…so that eventually my energy field will shift…this is all for me, but I know he will reflect all the work I am doing for me.


He's a gift!! He mirrors the work I must do for myself so I can help and serve at my greatest capacity.


It's powerful stuff and THIS is the work I do 1:1 with my clients. I guide them. I ask the right questions. I point out blind spots and I remind them of who they are!!  BUT THEY MUST ACTUALLY DO THE WORK!


Soooo…save yourself beYOUtiful!!  Take back your power. Lead first.  


Which leads me to the very energy we are all experiencing right now!! Gate 21 is all about being in control of your resources. Funny how this energy supported me this weekend.


Learn more here. I highly recommend you use these gates to support your healing and purpose work.


Projector Entrepreneur Checklist

You are so capable and powerful!! I believe in you and I believe in your gifts.

Keep showing up, we needs all hands on deck!


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