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The Rise Up with Kelly

Your energy is everything…right now on some level, you know it is OFF.

It feels like it's at a standstill and it's frustrating the heck out of you because you have light in you that's ready to shine!


But   howwwwwww???


The fears, the blocks, the what ifs…


Breathe with me my kind friend.


I am here to hold your hand and support you to... 


RISE UP to the next step(s) of your purpose driven life.


The Rise UP is an intimate 1:1 container that is completely different than anything out there…


My approach is to nurture you and meet you at the level you're at.  I will give you all the tools you need to shift and will use my expertise in Human Design, Coaching, Teaching and Movement to help you make moves.


I have wisdom and have been through a lot as a Projector…


This is NOT a cookie cutter approach to your life…we don't just guess and throw spaghetti at the wall hoping something will stick…


This container will transform you…


You will know your energy so well + feel confident leaning in to it as the way you approach your life.


You will create wellness practices you love showing up for based on your unique Human Design energy to help you move the energy, gain clarity, and get unblocked so you can move forward in your next steps with confidence and power.


You will deepen your connection and trust in the feminine YOU so you can continue to shine and live an amazing purpose driven life beyond our time together.


My sweet friend,

That niggle inside is getting louder

The universe continues to work to get your attention…maybe it's in signs, physical ailments, bitterness, the same issues coming up over and over, etc…


All we have is now

You're here on this earth for a reason

You're as ready as you'll ever be


The world needs your light!


This is a 12 week intimate coaching space (I hold your hand every step of the way) 


an add on of exclusive access to my virtual wellness boutique!!!


You will learn how your energy works,


How and what to do to make your wellness and healing a priority,


Learn how to live soul led and by tuning into YOU… 


This is about taking action and rising up!


Application process only…this is for us to have an opportunity to chat more about the program to make sure it's a good fit.

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