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BeYOUtiful By Design with Kelly

Doors Open!!

A 3-6 month high level intimate and cozy coaching container for high achieving and highly sensitive women lightworkers who are ready to rise up in their love, light and truth.  

All paths have led you here my kind + sweet lightworker friend…to more

BEing and less DOING 


You’ve tried the hustle and grind and while maybe it served you in a season (or maybe you pushed way past the due date), every cell in your body is saying LISTEN!!! This is not sustainable!!! Slow down. Trust. BE.


The exhaustion 

The doubt

The bitter

The frustration

The lack of trust in yourself and intuition 

The physical ailments 


How long will you ignore them? Is it the universe working to get your attention to make some changes? To shift to live more purpose driven?


For me…it was.


Is this the moment where you finally say-

F- it, I bet on me...


I bet on my inner knowing that I have gifts and passions that NEED to have an outlet and people to share them with but on my terms.


Every time you quiet yourself and your gifts…someone misses out. 


Every time you say no to your purpose and passions, the world loses out.


Every time you dim your light…you

dim you pure existence.


I want to guide and coach you to step into your true authentic self…


The highly sensitive woman 

The woman full of light and possibility

The woman who has met resistance her last time and won’t keep going in the same direction.


I see you. I’ve been you.


You’re a lightworker ready to rise up’re driven to spread love, light and knowledge and know to your core you’re here to help others while raising the vibration of the planet…

We need you in sharing your gifts now!!

What you receive with your investment in YOU:

-Four 1:1 coaching calls 30-60 minutes / month

-Voxer coaching, mentorship and support M-TH (this is where a ton of the magic happens in the moments of your daily life)

-Embodiment tools fine tuned to your needs 

-Customized Human Design E-Guide all about your energy

-B Inner Circle movement membership to support your wellBEing practice 

My Signature Method

First, I help you become aware of your energy so you know how to honor it…energy is everything-when it’s aligned, magic happens.

I use a tool called Human Design to support you in knowing how your energy best operates with the world around you, how you best make decisions and where your gifts and conditioning lie (and it tells you so much more!!).


Next, we create your Future Self By Design Manifesto…based on your Human Design and all its parts, I help you gain clarity on your values, your energy at its best and who you’re here to unbecome to step into your truth. This is powerful. 


Now, it’s time to BE…your future self NOW

This is where we get in the trenches, get our hands dirty and get to work!

I help you create a WellBEing practice that fits you…it’s a requirement in our container-I help you on this!!

You embody your future self, integrate in real life with me right by your side when things get messy and face those blocks head on…my toolbox is full of somatic, emotional, mental, behavioral and unconscious tools to help you really BE the lightworker you’re here to be.


Lastly, I’m here to help you take brave, aligned action, guide you where you are stuck, call you out gently when you need it, help you heal, and support you in making your WellBEing a priority.  Did I mention I have a defined Will Center? This means I have the gift of keeping you accountable...and no, not in that annoying way. I won't drag you(:  I will motivate and push you to show up based on your energy and my intuition.  


I see your potential. I see your light. I will push you and nurture you all at once. 


Your success is my success.

Next steps:

Tune in. If it’s a full body yes and still scares you a bit…good!!

After reviewing your application, I will email you to schedule a clarity Voxer coaching session to connect/coach and answer your questions.  This is also is an amazing opportunity to see and feel the potency of Voxer in our work together.



How long?

3-6 months (we can chat more on what would suit you)

I am unclear on what I want right now?

This is a sign that my coaching is exactly what you need. Where some coaches spend a session or two on goals and clarity....I slow wayyyyy down with you and we do the work. We will work on creating your future self by design and truly integrate and embody this...this is the first phase of our work together. It may take a month, two weeks...we don't quite know.  It's about allowing and leaning into my process for you. 


This is not a business program but will support you in your business.

This is not a leadership program but will support you in your leading a team or family.

This is not a parenting program but will support you in parenting 


This powerful and transformational coaching container is the solid groundwork for all above the above.


It’s the work.

Are you ready to transform from lost, doubtful, stuck and exhausted to a woman with clarity, a path that begins with your wellBEing as a priority and the confidence to step into your love, light and truth by BEing more than doing?  Ready to finally let those gifts inside of you play out the way they are intended??

It's time!!!  Can't wait to meet and support you!!

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