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Human Design Readings with Kelly


Updates!  I am currently only leading LIVE zoom calls with those that invest in the Lightworker by Design 4 pack. All others sessions are recorded. See below for the juicy deets!!

How I lead a Human Design Reading currently
(I am always shifting and evolving):

Your current investment in this experience is $297

The work goes beyond the call...this is the most important work!

-Receive a detailed and one of a kind 30-45 minute audio HD Reading where I infuse and teach the parts of your chart AND the power of the whole chart
LEVEL 1 OR 2 (see above)
-Receive a detailed HD beYOUtiful by Design Report detailing the audio
-Receive 3 months in my House of Light, Love and Human Design Membership to be supported in the work AFTER the call which is the real work!

The resistance you're feeling is telling you something!

It's your body talking...your energy talking.

You're made beautifully unique...

Your energy is unique...

Your parenting is unique...

Your passions are unique...

Your decision making ways are unique....

Your body is asking...when are you going to wake up and listen to your truth???

As a highly sensitive high achiever, recovering perfectionist and burnt out mom of 2...I get you!!

I want the best for my family. I want to look good and feel good. 

I want to be present.  I want to be successful and impactful and be the best!

And most importantly I want to create epic memories with the ones I love without sweating the small stuff!

I was doing the "things"...

Working my tail off...

Following the rules of business, motherhood and life...

Making sure everyone else was happy...

Keeping up with the Jones'...

And being met with resistance every step of the way...until I got sick.

Wake up call!

When I began to discover that I am not meant to live in resistance and that I have a unique energy blueprint, that my energy is unique and my gifts are unique, my life changed!

It was like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders and I felt seen + heard. 

I began experimenting and learning about my Human Design, I began doing the inner work with self care practices that fit my energy=integration and embodiment...

And more flow and bliss began to happen!!! Not overnight, not in one quick swoop, and I still have a lifetime to learn, but I woke up to myself...

And I want to be the guide to help you do the same.

In your Human Design Reading you will learn:

-how your unique aura and energy work with the world around you

-signs you're in resistance

-signs you're in flow

-how best to make decisions for yourself and family

-how you're living in your 'not self' and how to shift to living more as YOU

-where you're picking up energy from around you

-where your unique gifts lie...

So you can stop forcing, painfully hustling, and burning out...

So you can stop feeling frustration, anger, bitterness and disappointment!!!

My Human Design Readings are powerful! I take a lot of love, time and heart to prepare for the call. I go far and wide in our reading to deliver the information to you in an understandable way. We will meet over Zoom. 

My strongest energy in my chart is all about using my intuition in the now and if I have to, sharing it in a shocking way (good shocking). I can see from a fresh perspective and my energy is here to zone into what will help you live more efficiently and with ease.

This is the first step...

Diving deeper into taking action is where my 1:1 coaching happens! This is where we dive deeper and get our hands dirty in doing the work to decondition! 


This is a level 1 reading and is required before a level 2.

We will discuss in depth your

- Type/Strategy and Authority

- Defined and Undefined Centers and what they mean, your strengths with them and where you may be conditioned

-Your Profile which is your personality

-Your life theme (Incarnation Cross)

You will have an opportunity to ask questions and gain clarity.  

In a level 2 call we will go deeper into your chart with gates, channels and deeper coaching.

My Readings are unique, fun and two girlfriends chatting at the coffee shop with candles and all the essential oils.

In a level 3, we pick up where we left off from level 2!

Book a Reading today!

Once you've done a level 1 HD Reading or have a solid understanding of the basics, we can dive into how to create wellbeing and devotions practices according to your design! 

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