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The #1 thing Human Design Projectors should be doing and how

Human Design Projector

Hi my beYOUtiful Human Design Projector!! If you’ve learned a bit about Human Design and you’ve learned that you’re a Projector, you’re in the right place to learn the #1 thing that Projectors should be doing to feel success.

Let’s back up a smidge and review what HD truly’s the science of your aura and how your energy shows up in the world. You can click here to learn your Type if you're new! (Welcome!!!)

We’re either leaning in towards our signature which tells us we're in flow...A Projector's Signature is Success or we're leaning in to resistance (your not-self). Your Not-Self is Bitterness. Our not self shows up as hustle, resistance, and struggle.

Our energy is our first entry point as to what we are

Human Design is the science behind our aura and how we use our energetic body.

So the question to ask ourselves is, how am I supposed to be exchanging energy with the world around me?

Your Human Design Type/Strategy is always the priority. If you don’t master this, nothing else really helps!!! Aligning with your Projector Type will create the most change in your life. If you can work on aligning there, everything else becomes easier.

Many times Projectors feel unheard. Many times Projectors offer their wisdom and advice without being invited which causes this feeling and this leads to bitterness.

This video is here to help you come back to your Signature of Success!

As always, the deeper conversations happen in our community-->House of Light, Love and Human Design, so be sure to join!!

I'd love to hear what stuck out to you in this video and if you are a Projector who wants to learn more about what it truly means to be one and how to create more success in your life, follow me over in Insta here!

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Human Design Projector Entrepreneur

Lots of love, light and purpose,


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